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Informatii :

WorldEdit este un editor de obiecte.Cu WorldEdit poti sa iti "aranjezi lumea" ! Este simplu,rapid si eficient.Poti sa creezi/stergi/salvezi obiectele.WorldEdit este un proiect deschis deci toate lumea ii poate face modificari.WorldEdit este cel mai bun/rapid IN-GAME editor de obiecte.Multumim ca folositi WorldEdit.


Comenzi :

/whelp                         - Show script commands.
/wadd [modelid] [name]         - Adds a new object next to the player and selects it.
/wlang [id]                    - Select the language uses for player.
/wlistlangs                    - Show all languages implemented.
/wcopy [name]                  - Creates a copy of currently selected object.
/wdel                          - Deletes currently selected object and clears selection.
/wnext                         - List the objects next to player.
/wmode [m_xy|m_z|r_xy|r_z]     - Selects editing mode of currently selected object (move on map-X/Y Axis, move on map-Z-Axis, rotate on object-X/Y-Axis, rotate on object-Z-AXis.
/wsel [object name]            - Select object by name (the name you enterd for creating/copying an object).
/wdesel                        - Deselect any object selected.
/wgoto [object name]           - Go to a object with as same name.
/wstick <distance>             - Stick selected object to player to place it via player movement.
/wrelease                      - Detach an object sticked to the player.
/wfaktor [faktor]              - Set movement/rotation speed multiplier.
/wsaveall                      - Save all objects into file Objects.txt.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Changelog :
[2/14/2012] Post adaugat pe SA-MP.RO.
[2/14/2012] Scriptul a fost lansat.
[2/14/2012] Toate obiectele au fost adaugate.
[2/14/2012] Functia Multi-Language adaugata.
[2/14/2012] Functia Save-Objects adaugata.


Limbi :

  • Engleza
  • Portugheza
  • Romana



  • Cel mai rapid editor.
  • Usor de folosit.
  • Toate obiectele pot fi folosite.
  • Multi-Languages suportat.
  • Editor de obiecte Live.
  • Functia Save-All.


Download cu Pastebin : http://pastebin.com/3ftdgNWq



Copyright © <2012> <DarKy>.

All rights reserved.

Editing and Redistribution are allowed

considering that script was created  by <DarKy>.

This script can be edited by anyone

and can be redistributed but and upgrades

to script are allowed.If you edit this script

don't present all the work as yours.The name WorldEdit

may not be used to endorse or promote products derived

from this software without specific prior written permission.




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Scuzati-mi gramatica.Eram/sunt obost , si nu mai vad bine tastele :)) Am pus creditele , pentru ca inca caut 2 testeri.

Edit :

Done ! Am corectat greseala spusa de Ice !

Done ! Am corecat greseala din post spusa de stuntman.

Daca mai gasiti alte greseli de gramatica , buguri etc. doar lasati un comentariu si eu le voi repara :)

Scoate ma - ( a testat ...)

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Sigur este al tau /:) am dat un search pe google si la-m gasit pe mai multe siteuri ,,nu dau nume poate se considera reclama.

Pai sigur ca este al meu :)) Al cui ar putea fi ... oricum , mai bine scriai "Sa:Mp WorldEdit" pentru ca daca scri "WorldEdit" iti da versiunea pentru minecraft.Asta este versiunea pentru SA:MP.Sunt 2 lucruri diferite.

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Numi citeste fisieru .amx Si nu inteleg dc ai mai pus

[pawn]#include <streamer>[/pawn]

Eu am vazut ca nu ajuta la nimik

Pai nu iti citeste fisierul AMX pentru ca l-ai pus gresit in server.cfg sau are alt nume.

Numi citeste fisieru .amx Si nu inteleg dc ai mai pus

[pawn]#include <streamer>[/pawn]

Eu am vazut ca nu ajuta la nimik

L-am pus ca sa intrebi tu.

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