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Player states

To be used with GetPlayerState or the OnPlayerStateChange callback.

Often used

ID Macro Description
0 PLAYER_STATE_NONE Empty (while initializing)
1 PLAYER_STATE_ONFOOT Player is on foot
2 PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER Player is the driver of a vehicle
3 PLAYER_STATE_PASSENGER Player is passenger of a vehicle
7 PLAYER_STATE_WASTED Player is dead or on class selection
8 PLAYER_STATE_SPAWNED Player is spawned
9 PLAYER_STATE_SPECTATING Player is spectating

Used internally

ID Macro Description
4 PLAYER_STATE_EXIT_VEHICLE Player exits a vehicle
5 PLAYER_STATE_ENTER_VEHICLE_DRIVER Player enters a vehicle as driver
6 PLAYER_STATE_ENTER_VEHICLE_PASSENGER Player enters a vehicle as passenger
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