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[FS] Aadmin v0.7.X


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Aadmin v0.7.X

-Asta e sys pe kre l folosesc eu pt admin, e o versiune modificata de mn din andre admin 0.7...


Level1 Commands ">> /a [text], /adminrules, /clearchat, /kick [id] [reason], /akill [id], /warn [id] [reason], /getid [name]"

Level1 Commands ">> /(un)freeze [id], /playerinfo [id], /asay [msg], /ip [id], /mute [id], /ajail [id] [time], /force [id]"

Level2 Commands">> /telep [teleportee id] [dest. id] , /announce [msg], /giveweapon [id] [weaponid] [ammo]"

Level2 Commands">> /goto [id], /gethere [id], /eject [id], /sethealth [id] [amt], /setarmour [id] [amt] /healall, /armourall"

Level3 Commands ">> /disarm [id], /disarmall, /explode [id], /time [0-23], /weather [weatherid], /getallhere"

Level3 Commands ">> /setmoney [id] [amount], /jetpack, /setname [id] [name] /giveallmoney [amount]"

Level4 Commands ">> /setlevel [id] [lvl], /restart, /disarmall, /reloadbans, /reloadlogs, /mapname [name], /servername [name]"

-Instalare? Puneti Aadmin.amx ( dupa ce il compliati ), in folderul "filterscripts" al serverului, puneti Aadmin in server.cfg la filterscripts si folositi /register & /login, pt a da admin, logati va cu rcon si folositi /setlevel sau in fisiere mai direct.


Versiunea in Engleza  - by cmg4life                           Versiunea in Romana - by -=[Vyorel]=-

download.img.php?f=2683&width=250&height=100&style=blue&display=size                         C9He.jpg

-Toate tutorialele postate intra aici sau puneti-le direct [url=http://www.sa-mp.ro/forum/index

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Nu inteleg ce are am compilat am copiat in filterscripts a, adaugat in server.cfg dar tot nu merge  :-\ :-\ :-\ am gresit undeva?

Uita-te in server.log si vezi daca s-a incarcat scriptul, adica daca scrie loaded.

Daca scrie loaded si tot nu iti merge, inseamna ca trebuie sa te inregistrezi, sa te loghezi, sa te loghezi cu rcon iar apoi sa iti dai admin.


ATENTIE!!! Nu imi trimiteti mesaje private care au legatura cu scriptingul. NU mai scriptez.

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Guest AlexProtos

marea problema este ca nu ma pot nici inregistra imi da server connection closed si asa imi face la orice admin mode nu stiu ce are

Loading filter script 'adminspec.amx'...

[22:00:39]  Loading filter script 'vactions.amx'...

[22:00:39]  Loading filter script 'Aadmin.amx'...

[22:00:39]  ************************************************************ 

[22:00:39]  *|              FS Admin Version 0.7.X                    |* 

[22:00:39]  *|                Creat de Andre's                      |* 

[22:00:39]  *|              Modificat de cmg4life                    |* 

[22:00:39]  *|              Tradus de [DSK]Vyorel                    |* 

[22:00:39]  ************************************************************ 

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