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Problema String



Problema intalnita (descriere):Pai am facut o comanda /buyvehicle dar cred ca e prea lung stringul si imi da eroare 
Ero(area / rile) / warning-(ul / urile):


L-am pus pe download ca daca il pun aicea nu se vede linia lunga o miscoreaza si pe pastebin la fel





Imagini / Video (optional):-
Ati incercat sa rezolvati singur?:Da dar nu am putut face nimic..

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:D Respecta si vei fi respectat!

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oneshot.pwn(15107) : error 075: input line too long (after substitutions)
oneshot.pwn(15108) : error 037: invalid string (possibly non-terminated string)
oneshot.pwn(15108) : error 017: undefined symbol "FF0000"
oneshot.pwn(15108) : warning 217: loose indentation
oneshot.pwn(15108) : error 017: undefined symbol "Infernus"
oneshot.pwn(15108) : fatal error 107: too many error messages on one line
Compilation aborted.Pawn compiler 3.2.3664 Copyright © 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

:D Respecta si vei fi respectat!

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Incearca sa desparti formatul, in mai multe, gen:

format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF0000}Infernus {66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %d", FormatNumber(Stock[1][vPrice]),Stock[1][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF0000}Bullet{66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %d", FormatNumber(Stock[12][vPrice]),Stock[12][vVid]);

Si tot asa...


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Nu merge apare doar bulet infernus nu

Dar macar ai continuat? Eu ti-am dat doar inceputul...


EDIT: De data asta iti dau mura in gura...


Urmariti tutoriale pe care nici macar nu stiti sa le bagati la cap.

format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF0000}Infernus {66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[1][vPrice]),Stock[1][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF0000}Bullet{66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[12][vPrice]),Stock[12][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF0000}Banshee {66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[3][vPrice]),Stock[3][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF0000}Turismo {66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[5][vPrice]),Stock[5][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF0000}Cheetah {66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[14][vPrice]),Stock[14][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF3300}Buffalo {66FF00} $%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[34][vPrice]),Stock[34][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF3300}Sultan {66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[13][vPrice]),Stock[13][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF3300}Elegy {66FF00}  $%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[15][vPrice]),Stock[15][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF3300}Comet {66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[8][vPrice]),Stock[8][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF3300}ZR-350 {66FF00}$%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[7][vPrice]),Stock[7][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF3300}NRG-500 {66FF00} $%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[10][vPrice]),Stock[10][vVid]);
format(string2,sizeof(string2),"{FF3300}Faggio {66FF00} $%s {FFFFFF}ID: %dn", FormatNumber(Stock[39][vPrice]),Stock[39][vVid]);
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_MASINII, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "DealerShip:",string2, "Buy", "Exit");
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Poftim :)





http://pastebin.com/J1h3E2jg In cazul in care te refereai la mine  :)).


In orice caz, ce am pus eu pe pastebin, e rezolvarea.

Ce-ai pus tu acolo nu este deloc bine. Ii va arata doar Faggio.
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