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  1. IP Address : Owner : AroWnD Our server hosted by 0ping in Romania . Romania Stunt Place is an open world free-roaming server with one of the most unique and versatile SA:MP gamemodes. With more than 2500 commands there is something for everyone. Romania Stunt Place has a large well-structured community of players, helpful VIP's (VIP) and friendly Admins. Here at Romania Stunt Placewe have a variety of game play features which include events, racing, minigames, combat zones, drifts, gang war, events, duels, pursuits, awesome stunt objects, many place
  2. Frate stiu si eu asta -__ zau asa ... Daca nu e conectat la baza de date nu are probleme .. Am testat acum
  3. Am facut update la streamer 2.7.9 si tot aceeași problema .. * Nu mai apare aia am scos toate fs'urile .
  4. Am pus 500000 apoi 128000 apoi 3000000 . Deci nu e ...
  5. Salut . Am o problema la deconectare .. Imi da asta (si normal ia serverul crash): [20:56:17] [debug] AMX backtrace: [20:56:18] [debug] Run time error 8: "Heap underflow" [20:56:18] [debug] Heap pointer (HEA) is 0x1, heap bottom (HLW) is 0x13CD8 [20:56:18] [part] [RSP]AroWnd.xD has left the server (0:1)
  6. Descriere produs: Server SA-MP Stunt + Panel + Host + Harti suplimentare ( Romania Stunt Place Build 30 - rsp.skilledg.com:7777 )Preţ: 20 Euro Alte detalii: -
  7. Problema intalnita (descriere): Pai dupa cateva minute jucate pe server da close connect .. da reconect apoi "You are banned" , nu ii da ban (samp.ban e gol) Server log >> [part] ExMan has left the server (0:0)Ero(area / rile) / warning-(ul / urile): -Liniile de cod / sursa / script-ul(obligatoriu): -Imagini / Video (optional): -Ati incercat sa rezolvati singur?: Da .
  8. CreateDynamicObject(modelid, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, Float:rx, Float:ry, Float:rz, worldid = -1, interiorid = -1, playerid = -1, Float:streamdistance = 300.0);
  9. Reusita harta . Textul cu "POLICE DEP.." este cam stramb xD in rest este foarte reusita
  10. AroWnD_

    Id 0 bug

    Nu este player textdraw :-? .. Pune aici unde le faci sa apara probabil in loc de "playerid"|(variabila care demostreaza ID jucator) sa fi trecut tu o valoare xD
  11. Poziţie: Scripter, Mapper Ce servicii pot oferi: Mapping, scripting, php si ajutor IP:Board SMF etcAlte detalii: Skype : samp_arownd Y!M : wos_sunrise
  12. Descriere produs: Server SA-MP Stunt/Freeroam/Fly/DD/DM/Race/Drift etc . Preţ: 25 Euro Alte detalii: Sisteme : Admin System > 15 Levele VIP System > 8 Levele System Vihicule personale (http://i.imgur.com/xKkCNTT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/O0bqCcW.jpg ) System de Case System de proprietati ( http://i.imgur.com/1FxW7nK.jpg ) Achievements System Counter Strike (http://i.imgur.com/n1Ksvr9.jpg ) Football (http://i.imgur.com/jwQWESf.jpg ) Tic Tac(X si 0) (http://i.imgur.com/A8r7GKB.jpg ) Gang System ( Cel de pe WoS imbunatatit + cateva comenzi noi ) Clan System CNR Minigame (http://i.imgur.com/ryZ
  13. AroWnD_


    E un fel de om . Dar nimic mai mult nu stiu despre el -_
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