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Problema server.



Problema intalnita (descriere): Salut.Am si eu o problema la server cand intru eu pe server merge tot foarte bine, cand mai intra cineva se inchide.Dar nu apare nici o eroare in crashdetect si nici in server_log.
Ero(area / rile) / warning-(ul / urile): -
Liniile de cod / sursa / script-ul: [23:09:46] Incoming connection:
[23:09:46] [npc:join] Bot_Tren has joined the server (0:
[23:09:57] Incoming connection:
[23:09:57] [join] Shakur_Barrinson has joined the server (1:
[23:10:03] SQL: SELECT `UserID` FROM `Accounts` WHERE `Username` = 'Shakur_Barrinson'
[23:10:27] Incoming connection:
[23:10:27] [join] Aaron_Lakewood has joined the server (2:
[23:10:30] SQL: SELECT `UserID` FROM `Accounts` WHERE `Username` = 'Aaron_Lakewood'

Am intrat eu primu Shakur_Barrinson si dupa un prieten Aaron_Lakewood si gata se inchide direct consola.
Imagini / Video (optional):
Ati incercat sa rezolvati singur?: Da, dar nu am reusit.

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Am deja host de la ZeroPing si tot pica.

Intru eu si daca mai intra cineva se inchide imd.

Daca vrei iti pot da id de skype sa te uiti putin prin el si postam aici rezolvarea.

Si de ce in log-ul postat mai sus ai ip 127.0.0? Ca ala apare asa la incomming connection numai cand server-ul este pornit din pc. Posteaza
public OnPlayerConnect
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La inceput pica pe host si am zis sa il deschid si pe pc sa vad ce are si de asta.


public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "Bine ai venit pe Metropolitan Roleplay.");
if(IsPlayerNPC(playerid)) return 1;
    new string[128];
    new num = GetMaxIPs(playerid);
    if(num >= 1 && !IsPlayerNPC(playerid)) return Kick(playerid);
//furn system
    gHeaderTextDrawId[playerid] = PlayerText:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW;
    gBackgroundTextDrawId[playerid] = PlayerText:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW;
    gCurrentPageTextDrawId[playerid] = PlayerText:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW;
    gNextButtonTextDrawId[playerid] = PlayerText:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW;
    gPrevButtonTextDrawId[playerid] = PlayerText:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW;

    for(new x=0; x < SELECTION_ITEMS; x++) {
        gSelectionFurns[playerid][x] = PlayerText:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW;

gFurnAt[playerid] = 0;
PlayerPressedJump[playerid] = 0;
SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "Acest nume nu este acceptat pe server , pentru a va conecta trebuie sa aveti : Nume_Prenume.");
return 1;
GetPlayerHost(playerid); // Gets the DNS Data
format(string, sizeof(string),"%s (%d) s-a conectat pe server.", PlayerName(playerid), playerid);
if(GetPVarInt(playerid, "Admin") > 0 || GetPVarInt(playerid, "Tester") > 0)
foreach (Player,i)
   if(GetPVarInt(i, "CntNames") == 1)
return 1;
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