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Sprijin Tuning



Nick: w3b

Problema: Cum pot face ca o masina sa se spawneze tunata , cu paintjob cu spoiler , jante.. ect eu am incercat sa ii atasez obiectele dar problema este ca daca playerul merge sa o tuneze se suprapun obiectele puse de mn cu cele puse la tuning nush cum sa fac sa mearga...

Errori: -

Linii script: -

Ai incercat sa rezolvi singur ? : am incercat sa ii atasez eu obiectele

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new vehicle;

public OnGameModeInit(playerid) sau public OnFilterScriptInit(playerid)


    vehicle = CreateVehicle(model, X, Y, Z, Angle, Color1, Color2, Respawn);

    AddVehicleComponent(vehicle, 1046);

    AddVehicleComponent(vehicle, 1171);


//Alte Scripturi

    return 1;


OFF: Scuze 2x post, din greseala am postat de 2 ori, rog sa fie sters postul anterior!

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am incercat :

[pawn]new vehicle;

    vehicle = FastCar[2] = AddStaticVehicleEx(560,-66.1391,-1560.0634,2.3193,224.7616,6,1, 60000); // Sultan fast

    AddVehicleComponent(vehicle, 1046);

    AddVehicleComponent(vehicle, 1146);[/pawn] dar nu apar componentele

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Gata am rezolvar :D

Am facut asa :

[pawn]for(new i = 0; i<sizeof(FastCarSultan); i++)


  ChangeVehiclePaintjob(FastCarSultan,0); // paint job

  AddVehicleComponent(FastCarSultan, 1033); // roof

  AddVehicleComponent(FastCarSultan, 1010); // nos

  AddVehicleComponent(FastCarSultan, 1080); // rim

  AddVehicleComponent(FastCarSultan, 1029); // exhaust

  AddVehicleComponent(FastCarSultan, 1026); // side

  AddVehicleComponent(FastCarSultan, 1170); // front

  AddVehicleComponent(FastCarSultan, 1140); // rear

  AddVehicleComponent(FastCarSultan, 1139); // Spoiler


si a mers :D

Dati t/c la topic

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