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RoaRec - Online Players Record


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Nu este ideea mea ci a lui Ryder_RO, a postat la Cereri Tutoriale, iar aici este Acel 'Tutorial', dar sub forma de FS...


  • foreach - Cel mai rapid mod pentru a face un loop. Si cel mai bun!

What it does

Pei, cand un Player Intra pe Server un Mesaj cu Record-ul Vechi:


Sau Cu un Record Nou Stabilit de El:




  • Credits to Zh3r0 from some ideeas and councils.
  • Credits to stuntman from some ideeas and councils.
  • Credits to Ryder_RO and AirKite for the Ideea.
  • Credits to Y_Less for foreach and all the YSI Library.

  • Added some SQLite Defines.
  • Added foreach, but with a new Iterator.
  • Added two more stocks( GLOBALS ), g_date and g_hour.
  • The system will print in the Console:

              » Record Type.

              » Recorder Name.

              » Record Date.

              » Record Hour.

              » Record Number.


  • Modifyed FormatMSG Define.
  • Removed some Variables.
  • Removed the INI System.
  • Now all the Record System is on SQLite.
  • The system should be more faster than last Version...
  • I've rewrited all the code for some reasons...


  • Credits to Zh3r0 from some Examples( in The Eclipse ).
  • Credits to Y_Less for y_ini and foreach.
  • Credits to Zh3r0 for FormatMSG and FormatMSGToAll Function( Define ).
  • Credits to Zh3r0 for my Identitation.
  • Credits to stuntman from some ideeas and councils.]
  • Thanks to Ryder_RO for helping and for the RoaRec( Record System ) Ideea.


1. Scoate toate Filele din Arhiva .rar si punele intr-un Folder.

2. Copiaza filele din Folder-ul Includes in .../pawno/includes.

3. Copiaza filele din Folder-ul PWN( Optional ) si filterscripts in .../filterscripts.

4. Intati in .../server.cfg si adaugati:

  - La linia filterscripts: RoaRec


v2.0 R2


Accept 'mirrors' la Download.

Daca gasiti vre-un BUG, Postat-il aici.



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O mica intrebare: CE VA DOARE DACA NU MAI FOLOSITI ATATEA DEFINITII ? A ? Si atatea spatii ...

3/5, definitii, variabile cu tona ...

PS: Parca ti-am zis pe Y!M sa nu folosesti definitii si variabile in prostie, si la fel si pentru comentarii. ( // )

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