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Comanda pt. creeat case direct pe server.



Nick: Terrow

Problema: Nu stiu cum pot face o comanda pt. creeat case direct de pe server.. As ramane recunoscator celui care ma ajuta sa fac comanda :D

Erori / warnings: -


stock AH(hi,Float:iconX,Float:iconY,Float:iconZ,Float:interiorX,Float:interiorY,Float:interiorZ,Costa,Sella,Interiora)
	new house[128], string[128];
	format(house, sizeof(house), "Houses/hi%d",hi);
		dini_Create(house);							format(hInfo[hi][Name], 24, "ForSale");
		dini_Set(house, "Name", "ForSale");			format(hInfo[hi][Renter], 24, "ForRent");
		dini_Set(house, "Renter", "ForRent");		hInfo[hi][Rentable] = 0;
		dini_IntSet(house, "Rentable", 0);			hInfo[hi][Rentcost] = 0;
		dini_IntSet(house, "Rentcost", 0);			hInfo[hi][Cost] = Costa;
		dini_IntSet(house, "Cost", Costa+00000);	hInfo[hi][Sell] = Sella;
		dini_IntSet(house, "Sell", Sella);			hInfo[hi][Interior] = Interiora;
		dini_IntSet(house, "Interior", Interiora);	hInfo[hi][Virtualworld] = hi;
		dini_IntSet(house, "Locked", 1);			hInfo[hi][InteriorX] = interiorX;
		hInfo[hi][InteriorY] = interiorY;			hInfo[hi][InteriorZ] = interiorZ;
		dini_FloatSet(house, "X", interiorX);		dini_FloatSet(house, "Y", interiorY);
		dini_FloatSet(house, "Z", interiorZ);		dini_IntSet(house, "RentPay", 0);
		dini_IntSet(house, "RentGet", 0);           hInfo[hi][Locked] = 1;
		print("-------------(House Created)-------------");
		printf("> Hello, %d", hi);
		printf("> Buy Cost: %d", Costa+0000);
		printf("> Sell Cost: %d", Sella);
		printf("> Interior: %d", Interiora);
		printf("> VirtualWorld: %d", hi);
	    format(hInfo[hi][Name], 24, dini_Get(house, "Name"));
	    format(hInfo[hi][Renter], 24, dini_Get(house, "Renter"));
		hInfo[hi][Rentable] = dini_Int(house, "Rentable");
		hInfo[hi][Rentcost] = dini_Int(house, "Rentcost");
	    hInfo[hi][Cost] = dini_Int(house, "Cost");
	    hInfo[hi][Sell] = dini_Int(house, "Sell");
	    hInfo[hi][Interior] = dini_Int(house, "Interior");
	    hInfo[hi][Locked] = dini_Int(house, "Locked");
	    hInfo[hi][InteriorX] = dini_Float(house, "X");
	    hInfo[hi][InteriorY] = dini_Float(house, "Y");
		hInfo[hi][InteriorZ] = dini_Float(house, "Z");
		hInfo[hi][Virtualworld] = dini_Int(house, "Virtualworld");
    hInfo[hi][iconx] = iconX; hInfo[hi][icony] = iconY; hInfo[hi][iconz] = iconZ;
	format(house, sizeof(house), "Houses/hi%d",hi);
	if(strcmp(hInfo[hi][Name],"ForSale",true) == 0)
		HousePickup[hi] = CreatePickup(19135, 23, iconX, iconY, iconZ);
		HousePickup[hi] = CreatePickup(19135, 23, iconX, iconY, iconZ);
	format(string, sizeof(string), "{FFFF00}Owner: {33FF33}%s\n{FFFF00}House Cost: {33FF33}%i {FF0000}Coins", hInfo[hi][Name], hInfo[hi][Cost]);
    housei[hi] = Create3DTextLabel(string, red, iconX, iconY, iconZ, 90.0, 0, 0);

Ai incercat sa rezolvi singur ?: Am incercat eu sa fac ceva acolo, dar nu merge.. sunt incepator in scripting, deci nu veniti cu comentarii tampite.

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