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Problema !



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[pawn]public OnPlayerGiveDamage(playerid, damagedid, Float: amount, weaponid) {

    if(damagedid == INVALID_PLAYER_ID || !CheckFireArm(GetPlayerWeapon(playerid)) || GetPlayerTargetPlayer(playerid) != INVALID_PLAYER_ID) return 1;

    new count = GetPVarInt(playerid, "aimcount"), ticks = GetPVarInt(playerid, "aimtick"), currtick = GetTickCount();

    if(currtick - ticks <= 10000 && count + 1 >= MAX_AIM_TICKS) {

        new msg[144], name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];

        GetPlayerName(playerid, name, MAX_PLAYER_NAME);

        format(msg, 144, "%s[%i] a primit kick pentru suspectarea in folosirea Aim / Joypad.", name, playerid);

        SendClientMessageToAll(-1, msg);

        Kick(playerid); // acordam kick cheaterului

        // Atentie! Daca veti dori sa schimbati kick intr-o alta sanctiune (de exemplu: un simplu mesaj) — adaugati aici stergerea "PVAR"-urilor si anularea variabilei "count" (ca si in codul operatorului "else if" de mai jos)


    else if(currtick - ticks > 10000) {

        DeletePVar(playerid, "aimcount");

        DeletePVar(playerid, "aimtick");

        count = 0;

        currtick = GetTickCount();


    SetPVarInt(playerid, "aimcount", count + 1);

    SetPVarInt(playerid, "aimtick", currtick);

    return 1;


CheckFireArm(weaponid) {

    switch(weaponid) {

        case 16..39, 41..43: return 1;

        default: return 0;


    return 0;


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Eroarea iti spune ca functia OnPlayerGiveDamage a mai fost definita odata. Cauto si stergeo.

Linia care iti da erroare?Nimic?Crezi ca putem cu un singur screenshot sa iti spunem exact?Gata,stiu pune la inceputul scriptului #error R.i.P!

Buga daca stiai macar putin scripting sau engleza iti dadeai seama ce avea. Ai warn.




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[pawn]public OnPlayerGiveDamage(playerid, damagedid, Float:amount, weaponid)


if(Tazer[playerid] == 1 && GetPlayerWeapon(playerid) == TAZE_WEAPON)


    new Float:health,losehp;


    losehp = TAZE_LOSEHP;

    if(Tazed[damagedid] == 1) return 1;

    new Float:x, Float:y, Float:z;

    GetPlayerPos(damagedid, x, y, z);



    //Spark[damagedid] = CreateObject(TAZE_SPARK, x, y, z-3, 0, 0, 0);

    //SetTimerEx("DestroySpark", TAZE_DESTROY, 0, "i", damagedid);

    SetTimerEx("TazedRemove", TAZE_TIMER, 0, "i", damagedid);

    TogglePlayerControllable(damagedid, 0);

    Tazed[damagedid] = 1;

    if(losehp) {} else SetPlayerHealth(damagedid, health+amount);


return 1;



Aici o mai am odata .

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