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Salut. Acum invat scripting si as dori sa va intreb & rog cate ceva

Am incercat sa adaug niste masini. Am adaugat in cars.cfg linia : 1,RaduLIKE,Sultan,3500000,,1,0,0,No Plate

560,2108.4976,2404.3416,60.8169,328.3078,-1,- . Am pus coordonatele cu /save nu stiu daca le-am pus bine. Coordonatele din SAMP sunt : AddPlayerClass(0,2108.4976,2404.3416,60.8169,328.3078,0,0,0,0,0,0); //

Insa am o intrebare . Ca sa adaug masini trebuie sa adauug doar in cars.ini ?

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@andy47 am incercat dupa ce mi-ai spus tu

Uite am luat coordonate si : 541,2108.4976,2404.3416,60.8169,328.3078,1,1 E ok ?

M-am uitat cum am eu masinile adaugate si sunt :

1,RaduLIKE,Turismo,8000000,,1,0,0,No Plate


Am incercat sa fac si asa : 1,RaduLIKE,Bullet D,8950000,,1,0,0,No Plate

541,2108.4976,2404.3416,60.8169,328.3078,-1,- ca in GM , dar tot nu apare masina

Imi puteti spune cum sa fac?

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Ce nu intelegi ?

ok, exemplu:


AddStaticVehicle(520, 2109.1763, 1503.0453, 32.2887, 82.2873, 0, 1);


AddStaticVehicle( modelul , X, Y, Z , Angle,  CULOAREA 1 , CULOAREA 2 );

model = ID-ul masinii http://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/Vehicle_Model_ID_List

X, Y, Z = COORDONATELE , In cazul tau: 2108.4976, 2404.3416, 60.8169

Angle =  328.3078 (se refera la rotatie masinii .. )

Culoarea 1, Culoarea 2 - http://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/Color_ID

sper ca ai inteles ...


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