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Problema MYSQL



Salut, am aceasta problema in mysql si nu stiuuuuuuuuu cum sa o rezolv, ma chiorasc aici de juma de ora...

COD:         gString[0] = EOS;
        mysql_format(SQL, gString, sizeof(gString), "UPDATE `users` SET `Money`=`Money`+'%d', `Respect`=`Respect`+'%d', `JobGoal`='0' WHERE `JobGoal`>='%d' AND `Status`='0'", rand_money, rand_rp, GOAL_PLAYER);
        mysql_tquery(SQL, gString, "", "");

EROARE: [00:34:26] Error ID: 1064, Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ''0' at line 1
[00:34:26] Callback: 
[00:34:26] gQuery: UPDATE `users` SET `Money`=`Money`+'5758503', `Respect`=`Respect`+'8', `JobGoal`='0' WHERE `JobGoal`>='1000000' AND `Status`='0

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Salutare, incearca urmatoarea instructiune mysql

mysql_format(SQL, gString, sizeof(gString),"UPDATE users SET Money=Money+%d,Respect=Respect+%d,JobGoal=0 WHERE JobGoal>=%d AND Status=0", rand_money, rand_rp, GOAL_PLAYER);



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