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Buna ziua, ma numesc Andrei. Cand dau "F" sa intre in jail cade in gol pana ajunge jos pe pamant si moare :( va rog ma puteti ajuta? AICI niste poze cu problema



Apropo si pe cei care-i bag in jail cad incontinuu pana ajung la pamant si mor si apoi iara cad pana li se duce jail-ul...:(


new Float:gRandomJailSpawns[12][3] = {


   AddStaticPickup(1239, 23, 1798.5801,-1578.1804,14.0827);         // enter jail
   AddStaticPickup(1239, 23, 1756.4181,-1577.8954,1742.5309);         // exit jail
   AddStaticPickup(1239, 23, 1762.0028,-1584.4185,1742.5264);         // mdc jail


if (IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid,2,1798.5801,-1578.1804,14.0827)) // jail ls
               GameTextForPlayer(playerid, "~w~Los Santos Jail", 5000, 1);
               PlayerInfo[playerid][pInt] = 0;
               TogglePlayerControllable(playerid, 0);
               SetTimerEx("UnFreezeStation", 200, 0, "i", playerid);


         if (IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid,2,1756.4181,-1577.8954,1742.5309) && PlayerInfo[playerid][pJailed] == 0)//jail

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Am rezolvat acum apare dar la gratii am o problema sunt in toate celulele jumatate de gratii la fiecare... [am pus inloc de     CreateDynamicObject -> CreateObject]

Ele stau pe dreapta (inchise) si pot iesii prin stanga si daca dau opecell/openallcell se muta pe stanga si pot iesii pe partea dreapta :| cum o rezolv

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