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Problema restart server



Problemă întâlnită (descriere): Can dau /restart la server scrie restart in 2 minute ,iar dupa ce isi da restart incep niste textdraw sa dispara si sa apara cu o locatie "Blueberry ..."
Ero(area / rile) / warning-(ul / urile): -
Liniile de cod / sursa / script-ul:
COMMAND:restart(playerid, params[])
// Send the command to all admins so they can see it
SendAdminText(playerid, "/restart", params);

// Check if the player has logged in
if (APlayerData[playerid][LoggedIn] == true)
// Check if the player's admin-level is at least 7
if (APlayerData[playerid][PlayerLevel] >= 7)

// Let everyone know that the server will be restarted in 2 minutes
GameTextForAll("Restart server in 2 minute!", 5000, 3);
SendClientMessageToAll(0xA0A0A0, "Restart server in 2-a minute!");
// Start the next timer which warns the players again that server will be restarted in 1 minute
SetTimer("Timer_Restart_WarnPlayers", 1000 * 60, false);
   return 0;
   return 0;

// Let the server know that this was a valid command
return 1;

forward Timer_Restart_WarnPlayers();
public Timer_Restart_WarnPlayers()
// Let everyone know that the server will be restarted in 1 minutes

GameTextForAll("Restart server intr-un minut!", 5000, 3);

SendClientMessageToAll(0xA0A0A0, "Restart server intr-un minut!");

// Start the next timer

SetTimer("Timer_Restart_Kick", 1000 * 60, false);

// Change the hostname of the server and it's password

SendRconCommand("hostname Pending Restart");

return 1;


forward Timer_Restart_Kick();

public Timer_Restart_Kick()

// Let everyone know that the server is kicking all players before restarting

GameTextForAll("Server restarting:Reconect!", 5000, 3);

// Kick all players

for(new i; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++)

// Start the next timer that will restart the server

SetTimer("Timer_Restart_Reboot", 1000 * 5, false);
return 1;

forward Timer_Restart_Reboot();
public Timer_Restart_Reboot()
// Restart the server
return 1;

Imagini / Video (optional):
http://imgur.com/Wx1JUHf,f2MsZJq,EG48X8Z#0 - cand dau restart
http://imgur.com/Wx1JUHf,f2MsZJq,EG48X8Z#2 -dupa ce dau restart acele texte de sus , jos ,si alea din dreapta tot dispar si apar
Aţi încercat să rezolvaţi singur?: nu stiu cum

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Te rog da-mi OnPlayerConnect si OnGameModeInit. Dar pune un link de pe pastebin, sunt mari sau daca vrei sa le pui cu tag-urile [ pawn ][/ pawn ] pentru ca nu pastreaza indent nu da pe iconita de la editor, pune tu manual tag-urile. (e un bug pe care l-am raportat, dar se repara in versiunea 4.0)

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[pawn]public OnGameModeInit()
new HostCommand[128];
// Change the hostname
format(HostCommand, 128, "hostname %s", GameModeName);
GameModeInit_VehiclesPickups(); // Add all static vehicles and pickups when the server starts that are required (also load the houses)
GameModeInit_Classes(); // Add character models to the class-selection (without weapons)
Convoys_Init(); // Setup textdraws and default data for convoys
ShowPlayerMarkers(1); // Show players on the entire map (and on the radar)
ShowNameTags(1); // Show player names (and health) above their head
ManualVehicleEngineAndLights(); // Let the server control the vehicle's engine and lights
EnableStuntBonusForAll(0); // Disable stunt bonus for all players
DisableInteriorEnterExits(); // Removes all building-entrances in the game
UsePlayerPedAnims(); // Use CJ's walking animation
// Start the timer that will show timed messages every 2 minutes
SetTimer("Timer_TimedMessages", 1000 * 60 * 2, true);
// Start the timer that will show a random bonus mission for truckers every 5 minutes
SetTimer("ShowRandomBonusMission", 1000 * 60 * 5, true);
// Start the timer that checks the toll-gates
SetTimer("Toll", 1000, true);
// Fix the bugged houses (after fixing the houses, you can remove this line, as it's not needed anymore)
// While the gamemode starts, start the global timer, and run it every second
SetTimer("GlobalTimer", 1000, true);
return 1;
[pawn]// Always allow NPC's to login without password or account
if (IsPlayerNPC(playerid))
  return 1;
// Setup local variables
new Name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], NewPlayerMsg[128], HouseID;
// Setup a PVar to allow cross-script money-transfers (only from filterscript to this mainscript) and scorepoints
SetPVarInt(playerid, "PVarMoney", 0);
SetPVarInt(playerid, "PVarScore", 0);
// Get the playername
GetPlayerName(playerid, Name, sizeof(Name));
// Also store this name for the player
GetPlayerName(playerid, APlayerData[playerid][PlayerName], 24);
// Send a message to all players to let them know somebody else joined the server
format(NewPlayerMsg, 128, TXT_PlayerJoinedServer, Name, playerid);
SendClientMessageToAll(0xFFFFFFFF, NewPlayerMsg);
// Try to load the player's datafile ("PlayerFile_Load" returns "1" is the file has been read, "0" when the file cannot be read)
if (PlayerFile_Load(playerid) == 1)
// Check if the player is still banned
if (APlayerData[playerid][banTime] < gettime()) // Player ban-time is passed
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DialogLogin, DIALOG_STYLE_INPUT, TXT_DialogLoginTitle, TXT_DialogLoginMsg, TXT_DialogLoginButton1, TXT_DialogButtonCancel);
else // Player is still banned
ShowRemainingBanTime(playerid); // Show the remaining ban-time to the player is days, hours, minutes, seconds
Kick(playerid); // Kick the player
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DialogRegister, DIALOG_STYLE_INPUT, TXT_DialogRegisterTitle, TXT_DialogRegisterMsg, TXT_DialogRegisterButton1, TXT_DialogButtonCancel);
// The houses have been loaded but not the cars, so load all vehicles assigned to the player's houses
for (new HouseSlot; HouseSlot < MAX_HOUSESPERPLAYER; HouseSlot++)
   // Get the HouseID from this slot
   HouseID = APlayerData[playerid][Houses][HouseSlot];
   // Check if there is a house in this slot
if (HouseID != 0)
   HouseFile_Load(HouseID, true); // Load the cars of the house
 // Speedometer setup
// MissionText TextDraw setup
APlayerData[playerid][MissionText] = TextDrawCreate(320.0, 430.0, " "); // Setup the missiontext at the bottom of the screen
TextDrawAlignment(APlayerData[playerid][MissionText], 2); // Align the missiontext to the center
TextDrawUseBox(APlayerData[playerid][MissionText], 1); // Set the missiontext to display inside a box
TextDrawBoxColor(APlayerData[playerid][MissionText], 0x00000066); // Set the box color of the missiontext
TextDrawFont(APlayerData[playerid][MissionText], 1);//set stilu de scris text
// Display a message if the player hasn't accepted the rules yet
if (APlayerData[playerid][RulesRead] == false)
  SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFFF, "{FF0000}Nu Ai Acceptat {FFFF00}/rules{FF0000}");

// This function shows the player how long his ban still is when he tries to login (in days, hours, minutes, seconds)
// Setup local variables
new TotalBanTime, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Msg[128];
// Get the total ban-time
TotalBanTime = APlayerData[playerid][banTime] - gettime();
// Calculate days
if (TotalBanTime >= 86400)
Days = TotalBanTime / 86400;
TotalBanTime = TotalBanTime - (Days * 86400);
// Calculate hours
if (TotalBanTime >= 3600)
Hours = TotalBanTime / 3600;
TotalBanTime = TotalBanTime - (Hours * 3600);
// Calculate minutes
if (TotalBanTime >= 60)
Minutes = TotalBanTime / 60;
TotalBanTime = TotalBanTime - (Minutes * 60);
// Calculate seconds
Seconds = TotalBanTime;
// Display the remaining ban-time for this player
SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFFF, TXT_StillBanned);
format(Msg, 128, TXT_BannedDuration, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds);
SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFFF, Msg);
am scos de la onplayerconect niste RemoveBuildingForPlayer dar nu cred ca are vreo treaba

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