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[tuturial] cum sa downlez server r8 si r7


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salut!am facut tuturial cum sa downlez server


                              SA-MP 0.3a R8 Server

Windows: http://files.sa-mp.com/samp03asvr_R8_win32.zip

Linux: http://files.sa-mp.com/samp03asvr_R8.tar.gz

SA-MP 0.3a R7 Server


Windows: http://files.sa-mp.com/samp03asvr_R7_win32.zip

Linux: http://files.sa-mp.com/samp03asvr_R7.tar.gz


1.downleaza sv care vreti

2.faceti folder si punteti in sv in folder

3.intri la server.cfg si scrie rcon pawssword

4.si lnia gamemodul sal scrieti

5.porneste samp-server.exe

sper va ajut pe incepator posibil

PS:nui facut de mn

wtf?I fucking then school??????fuck school :))))


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LaZ" post="42596" timestamp="1286304653"]

Mai intai iti trebuie serverul/Pawno ca sa te apuci de scripting.

Note: Acest pachet include si programul de scripting (PAWN compiler).

Sursa: www.sa-mp.ro/download.php

De aici isi pot da seama ca le trebuie Pawno.


ATENTIE!!! Nu imi trimiteti mesaje private care au legatura cu scriptingul. NU mai scriptez.

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