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Cum sa adaug la stats shi Player Time online?



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Ajutatima = Ajutati-ma

shi = si

Eu nu sunt sclavul tau sa iti fac tie urgent, si cred ca nimeni nu o sa iti faca.

Deci, prin urmare, mai bine nu mai faceai acest topic.

ON:Faci o variabila noua de exemplu totaltime


TotalGameTime(playerid, &h=0, &m=0, &s=0)
    PlayerInfo[playerid][TotalTime] = ( (gettime() - PlayerInfo[playerid][ConnectTime]) + (PlayerInfo[playerid][Hours]*60*60) + (PlayerInfo[playerid][Minutes]*60) + (PlayerInfo[playerid][Seconds]) );

    h = floatround(PlayerInfo[playerid][TotalTime] / 3600, floatround_floor);
    m = floatround(PlayerInfo[playerid][TotalTime] / 60,   floatround_floor) % 60;
    s = floatround(PlayerInfo[playerid][TotalTime] % 60,   floatround_floor);

    return PlayerInfo[playerid][TotalTime];

Iar stats ar trebui sa arate asa
  new str[128] , h , m , s;
  format(str, 128, "{FF0000}Hours{FFFFFF}:\t\t{00FF00}%d\n{FF0000}Minutes{FFFFFF}:\t{00FF00}%d   \n{FF0000}Seconds{FFFFFF}:\t{00FF00}%d",h,m,s);
  return 1;

Apropo sistemul de salvare il faci singur nu te ajut eu aici :). cum a zis si darky nu suntem sclavi :))

Nu am testat dar ar trebui sa mearga !

Off:Darky nu mai fi asa rau are si el nevoie ce sa ii faci toti mai avem nevoie de ajutor(exceptie stuntman).

I'm back bitches.

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