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Problema IsPlayerInZone



Folosesc IsPlayerInZone la zonele cu dm si nu inteleg dce nu ma respawneaza in dm ci ma da in random spawn

Am facut exact dp tutorial


Si pentru respawn in dm acest tutorial


Si fara playerinzone ma respawneaza in dm iar cand adaug isplayerinzone ma da un randomspawn dar sunt tot in dm ca treb sa dau /leave sa ies din dm!

Ma puteti ajuta sa-l fac!

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Dami exact cum ai facut tu.

Am pus comanda in dm si respawnul merge,iar cand adaug isplayerinzone sa nu mai folosesca nici o comanda mor si nu ma respawneaza in dm

	if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/m4", true))
        IsPlayerInZone[ playerid ] = 1;
	SpawnInDM[playerid] = "/m4";
	GivePlayerWeapon(playerid,31 , 9999);
	SetPlayerFacingAngle(playerid, 0.0);
	new tName[MAX_PLAYER_NAME]; GetPlayerName(playerid, tName, sizeof(tName));
	 format(string, sizeof(string), " ~r~]~g~%s ~y~-> ~b~M4~r~(/m4) ]", tName);
   	Reclama = TextDrawCreate(340.000000, 435.000000, " ");
   	TextDrawFont(Reclama, 2);
   	TextDrawLetterSize(Reclama, 0.300000, 1.000000);    TextDrawBackgroundColor(Reclama, 0xFFFF00FF);
   	TextDrawColor(Reclama, 0x00C2ECFF);
   	TextDrawSetOutline(Reclama, 1);
   	TextDrawSetProportional(Reclama, 1);
   	TextDrawSetShadow(Reclama, 1);
   	TextDrawSetString(Reclama, string);
	SetPlayerInterior(playerid, 0);
	GameTextForPlayer(playerid, "~h~~h~~g~] ~r~Welcome ~y~to ~b~M4 ~g~]", 5000, 5);
	SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_GREEN, "If you want to get out of DM use the command /leave!");
	return 1;

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Ce pluginuri:Imi poti da exemple?

Am comanda leave

	if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/leave", true))
	SpawnInDM[ playerid ] = " ";
	IsPlayerInZone[ playerid ] = 0;
 	SetPlayerInterior(playerid, 0);
 	SetPlayerWorldBounds(playerid, 20000.0000,-20000.0000,20000.0000,-20000.0000); // Bounderies Off//
	return 1;

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