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  1. Azze47

    admpanel gm andreigb (burned)

    Am facut doar ca n am mers..
  2. Azze47

    Problema serversystem gm andregb

  3. Azze47

    Problema serversystem gm andregb

  4. Azze47

    Bluffs V3

    ionutdrg45 Cum ii stez vip unui player daca nu gasesc?
  5. Azze47

    Problema gm burned /v

    Gen we cum e pe b-hood de dai /v si iti spawnezi toate vehiculele
  6. Azze47

    Gamemode Burned | Ajutor la comanda [/v]

    mi l dai si mie ?
  7. Azze47

    Problema comanda /cratesforall

    uite ce mi da Modules\Crates.pwn(7) : error 001: expected token: ";", but found "�" Modules\Crates.pwn(7) : error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero Modules\Crates.pwn(7) : error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero Modules\Crates.pwn(7) : fatal error 107: too many error messages on one line
  8. Azze47

    Problema gm burned /v

    Buna seara, am o rugaminte daca ma puteti ajuta... cum pot face sa pun in [/v] id-ul masinii si 'Spawn all vehicles'. Nu reusesc sa-i dau de cap. Gamemode burned.
  9. Azze47

    Problema comanda /cratesforall

    Imi poti face tu comanda ca baiatu' de sus mi a dat doar ca imi da doar mie crates ul nu si celor lanti playeri
  10. Azze47

    Problema comanda /cratesforall

    Mersii bro vad ca s-a compilat cu scces Mersii frumos #RESPECT
  11. Azze47

    Problema comanda /cratesforall

    Vreau sa trimit tututror acest crates PlayerInfo[playerid][pCrates][2] is incepator bro !
  12. Azze47

    Problema comanda /cratesforall

    E gm andreigb
  13. Azze47

    Problema comanda /cratesforall

    Nu merge am incercat..
  14. Azze47

    Problema comanda /cratesforall

    Pe gm burned?

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