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Problema conectare pe server



Salut am o problema ..tot incerc sa fac  un server de samp dar cand intru pe el ..apare acea chestie cu " server didn't respond.."  http://uploadimage.ro/images/35411368639306801986.png  am citit pe net..ca ar fii firewall-ul din pc..si ca ar trebui sa-l dezactivez..am facut si asa dar..nimic ..stie cineva ce as putea face?

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@ Gigimuschi , in Server.cfg nu am niciun Bind[ip] nicaieri..si serverul cred ca e pe 0.3c cum pot afla concret pe ce este?

@NeonKiller , uite aici server_log :


Loaded log file: "server_log.txt".


SA-MP Dedicated Server


v0.3b R2, ©2005-2010 SA-MP Team


[18:02:44] Server Plugins

[18:02:44] --------------

[18:02:44]  Loaded 0 plugins.


[18:02:44] Filter Scripts

[18:02:44] ---------------

[18:02:44]  Loading filter script 'base.amx'...


--Base FS loaded.

[18:02:44]  Loading filter script 'gl_actions.amx'...

[18:02:44]  Loading filter script 'gl_property.amx'...



[18:02:44] Grand Larceny Property Filterscript

[18:02:44] -----------------------------------

[18:02:44]  Loading filter script 'gl_realtime.amx'...

[18:02:44]  Loaded 4 filter scripts.

[18:02:44] Loaded 3 vehicles from: vehicles/trains.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 3 vehicles from: vehicles/pilots.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 15 vehicles from: vehicles/lv_law.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 39 vehicles from: vehicles/lv_airport.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 255 vehicles from: vehicles/lv_gen.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 38 vehicles from: vehicles/sf_law.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 35 vehicles from: vehicles/sf_airport.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 353 vehicles from: vehicles/sf_gen.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 24 vehicles from: vehicles/ls_law.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 37 vehicles from: vehicles/ls_airport.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 98 vehicles from: vehicles/ls_gen_inner.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 389 vehicles from: vehicles/ls_gen_outer.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 71 vehicles from: vehicles/whetstone.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 168 vehicles from: vehicles/bone.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 61 vehicles from: vehicles/flint.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 96 vehicles from: vehicles/tierra.txt

[18:02:44] Loaded 96 vehicles from: vehicles/red_county.txt

[18:02:44] Total vehicles from files: 1781

[18:02:44] Reading File: blank

[18:02:44] Reading File: properties/houses.txt

[18:02:44] Reading File: properties/businesses.txt

[18:02:44] Reading File: properties/banks.txt

[18:02:44] Reading File: properties/police.txt



[18:02:44] Running Grand Larceny - by the SA-MP team

[18:02:44] ---------------------------------------

[18:02:44] Number of vehicle models: 173

@ Tzaks , am mai folosit Servere dar cu alte Gm..deci era total diferit de acest server..dar o sa incerc sa schimb si clientul samp..poate ai dreptate

Ms la toti de raspuns ,astept inca o data raspunsuriile voastre..THX.

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1. Downloadezi ce 0.3c Server de aici: http://sa-mp.ro/index.php?page=download

2. Copiezi prima oara: samp-server, samp-npc si announce in locul samp-server, samp-npc si announce pe care le ai in server

3. Copiezi ce ii in /pawno/includes in svtau/pawno/inludes

4. Intrii in GameMode si dai compile!

5. Work's Done!

Fara reclama in semnatura!

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