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Probleme pickup



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Ok :|


 CreatePickup(model, type, Float X , Float Y, Float Z, virtual world); 

Sunt mai multe feluri de Pickup - uri http://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/PickupTypes ... sper ca iti dai seama


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cu pickup urile am rezolvat nu mai dispar ms mult

dar mai am o problema nu apar textele alea cand esti la usa unui hq sa scrie "tasteaza /enter pentru a intra "

asa le am eu:

else if(PlayerToPoint(2.0, i,1510.3641,-1468.6195,9.5000))
			    GameTextForPlayer(i, "~w~ Los Santos Role Play School ~n~~g~ ((scrie /enter ca sa intri ))", 5000, 3);

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