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Crashdetect Plugin

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Guest RockStar

Acest Plugin a fost creat de 0x5A656578 si ajuta la depistarea crashurilor in gamemode pentru Windows si Linux.

Topicul Original.


#include <a_samp>

main() {



function1() {



function2() {

    new buf[10];

    fread(File:123, buf);


Cand va ajunge la "function2" serverul se va inchide automat iar daca folosesti windows iti va da un cod necitabil in crashinfo.txt.

Cu crashdetect vei vedea urmatorul lucru in serverlog:

[12:23:12] Crash caused by fread at address 00000090 (gamemodes\test.amx)
Fiind mai informativ, iti vei da seama de unde a aparut crashul si vei putea remedia eroarea de cod. Ce este mult mai interesant de vazut este modul in care acesta functioneaza...doar compileaza scriptul acela folosind informatii simbolice si vei gasi asta:
[12:20:55] Crash caused by fread on line 13 in test.pwn (gamemodes\test.amx)
[12:20:55] Stack trace of gamemodes\test.amx (most recent call first):
[12:20:55]   function2 on line 8 in test.pwn
[12:20:55]   function1 on line 4 in test.pwn
[12:20:55]   main (entry point)

Acum vedem ce sa intamplat.


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stuntman-=!!" post="80424" timestamp="1309188202"]

Asta este un plugin revolutionar xD

mda stuntman are dreptate...foarte foarte folositor...pentru cei ce nu stiu dc nu ii porneste sv...

Fara reclama in semnatura!

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This application has failed to start because MSVCP100.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Primesc urmatoarea idee, any ideas?

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Guest farse



Il pui in Windows

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