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Help please,problema legata de samp server(Unknown)



Salut. Ieri toate bune si frumoase,gamemode-ul pornea,nu aveam probleme cu el. Dar astazi mi-a facut probleme. 

In pawno nu am niciun fel de warning,dar cand pornesc samp server primesc urmatoarele erori. Va rog,daca stiti cum se pot rezolva,imi puteti da o indicatie? Multumesc.


[17:02:53] ---------- SERVER START ----------
[17:02:53] mysql_connect: 1
[17:02:53] ----------------------------------------------------
[17:02:53]   Filterscript 'ls_beachside.amx' load failed.
[17:02:53] Server vehicles: 184
[17:02:53] Safezones: 16
[17:02:53] Houses: 135
[17:02:53] Clans: 1
[17:02:53] Clan zones: 20
[17:02:53] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[17:02:53] [debug]  Attempted to read/write array element at index 60 in array of size 60
[17:02:53] [debug] AMX backtrace:
[17:02:53] [debug] #0 0029fedc in public LoadBizz () in onyxrpg.amx
[17:02:53] [debug] #1 00085b28 in ?? () in onyxrpg.amx
[17:02:53] [debug] #2 0002465c in public L_AFK_OnGM () in onyxrpg.amx
[17:02:53] [debug] #3 native CallLocalFunction () in samp-server.exe
[17:02:53] [debug] #4 000191a8 in public SSCANF_OnGameModeInit () in onyxrpg.amx
[17:02:53] [debug] #5 00013558 in public Itter_OnGameModeInit () in onyxrpg.amx
[17:02:53] [debug] #6 native CallLocalFunction () in samp-server.exe
[17:02:53] [debug] #7 00012480 in public ScriptInit_OnGameModeInit () in onyxrpg.amx
[17:02:53] [debug] #8 00011c30 in public PZone_OnGameModeInit () in onyxrpg.amx
[17:02:53] [debug] #9 native CallLocalFunction () in samp-server.exe
[17:02:53] [debug] #10 00007668 in public OnGameModeInit () in onyxrpg.amx
[17:02:53] Number of vehicle models: 56

Dar serverul ramane pe Unknown,sugestii va rog? Multam.

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