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Problema masinile factiunilor /v buy



Am facut cateva factiuni noi la mine in gm si  am pus masini tot cand intru in ele imi apare cu /v buy ,acest gm il mai are o comunitate si de la el au inceput si lor le merge mi-a zis un scripter ca este de la numere de undeva imi puteti explica cum sa fac sa editez numerele sa nu mai apara masinile de cumparat?

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Imi puteti da mai multe detalii?

tatcar = AddStaticVehicle(409,960.1552,-904.4060,45.5656,180.8629,6,6); // Limo Tattaglia
    tatcar1 = AddStaticVehicle(413,970.4234,-930.7051,42.6286,92.8902,6,6); // Pony Tattaglia
    tatcar2 = AddStaticVehicle(521,977.1507,-926.5976,45.3388,92.0661,6,6); // Fcr Tattaglia
    tatcar3 = AddStaticVehicle(560,975.3651,-918.7240,45.4711,95.0808,6,6); // Tattaglia sultan
    tatcar4 = AddStaticVehicle(560,974.7188,-914.4316,45.4709,94.6053,6,6); // Sultan Tattaglia
    tatcar5 = AddStaticVehicle(579,953.5274,-934.8846,42.6931,0.1991,6,6); // Huntley tattaglia
    tatcar6 = AddStaticVehicle(487,961.1989,-923.3426,45.9430,6.2118,6,6); // Maverick Tattaglia

Acesta este codul la niste masini ce sa fac sa rezolv?

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