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Problema Uninvite Leader



Problema intalnita (descriere): Cand un Leader da Uninvite unui membru din factiunea lui, pe acel membru il scoate din factiune dar in tabelul cu membri nu se sterge acel player
Ero(area / rile) / warning-(ul / urile):
Liniile de cod / sursa / script-ul(obligatoriu): Uninvite Leader: http://pastebin.com/H693XHE5

Tabelul cu Membri: http://pastebin.com/KvvzAiUS

si comanda de uninvite pentru admini (cand folosesc aceasta comanda ii scoate din tabelul members): http://pastebin.com/uWAuv23E
Imagini / Video (optional):
Ati incercat sa rezolvati singur?: Da, dar nu am reusit mare lucru

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incearca asa  

if(dialogid == DIALOG_FPUNINVITE)
            new string1[300],result[30],name[30],rank,ftime,reason[128],idd;
            format(string1, sizeof(string1), "SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `id`='%d'",Selected2[playerid]);
            new Cache: membresult = mysql_query(SQL,string1);
            for(new i, j = cache_get_row_count (); i != j; ++i)
                cache_get_field_content(i, "name", result); format(name, 30, result);
                ftime = cache_get_field_content_int(i, "FactionTime");
                rank = cache_get_field_content_int(i, "Rank");
                idd = cache_get_field_content_int(i, "id");
            mysql_real_escape_string(inputtext, reason);
            new string2[500],query[500];
            format(string2, sizeof(string2), "%s was uninvited by %s from faction %s (rank %d) after %d days, with FP. Reason: %s.", name,PlayerInfo[playerid][pNormalName],DynamicFactions[PlayerInfo[playerid][pMember]][fName],rank,ftime,reason);
            mysql_format(SQL, query, sizeof(query), "INSERT INTO faction_logs (`text`,`player`,`leader`) VALUES ('%s','%d','%d')", string2, idd, PlayerInfo[playerid][pSQLID]);
            mysql_format(SQL,string1,sizeof(string1),"UPDATE users SET `Team`='3',`Member`='0',`Leader`='0',`Rank`='0',`Model`='250',`FPunish`='40',`FWarn`='0',`FactionTime`='0',`FactionJoin`='0' WHERE `id`='%d'",Selected2[playerid]);
            foreach(Player, i)
                if(PlayerInfo[pSQLID] == Selected2[playerid])
                    gTeam = 3;
                    PlayerInfo[pTeam] = 3;
                    PlayerInfo[pMember] = 0;
                    PlayerInfo[pRank] = 0;
                    PlayerInfo[pLeader] = 0;
                    PlayerInfo[pFACWarns] = 0;
                    PlayerInfo[pFpunish] = 40;
                    PlayerInfo[pFactionTime] = 0;
                    PlayerInfo[pModel] = 250;
                    SetPlayerArmourEx(i, 0);
                    tazer = 0;
                    OnDuty = 0;
            format(string1, sizeof(string1),"%s was uninvited by %s from faction %s (rank %d) after %d days, with FP. Reason:      %s",name,PlayerInfo[playerid][pNormalName],DynamicFactions[PlayerInfo[playerid][pMember]][fName],rank,ftime,reason);
            SendFamilyMessage(PlayerInfo[playerid][pMember], COLOR_GENANNOUNCE, string1);
        return 1;

+1 daca te-am fost de ajutor


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Acum 20 ore, Gireada a spus:

Arata-ne mysql_log


Am rezolvat

Am pus     PlayerInfo[pMember] = 0;
                 Update(i,pMemberx);   si acum ma scoate si din /members dupa ce imi da leaderul uninvite.

Dar totusi as vrea sa rezolv acele erori din baza de date,daca vreti sa ma ajutati

Aia cu DLonfiscate si Live am rezolvat

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