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[MAP]xChilliad MAdne$$

Guest Zh3r0

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Guest Zh3r0

xChilliad Madne$$

Hi, i have created an mega stuntpark on mount chilliad, i think it's very funny and very xtreme :D

Enjoy the xChilliad Madne$$


37427.jpeg  37428.jpeg  37429.jpeg

37430.jpeg  37432.jpeg


>>>>>[Teleport Commands!> (/xchilliad) , (/chilliad) , (/chilliadmad).

***  /nrg  (This command gives you an nrg-500).

***  /cheetah  (This command gives you an Cheetah).

***  /turismo   (This command gives you an turismo).

***  /supergt   (This command gives you an Super GT).

***  /clearchat   (This command clear the chatbox).

***  /nos , /nitro  (This command gives you nos/nitro on your vehicle).

***  /fix , /rep  (This commands fix your vehicle).

***  /kill   (This command kill you,It set you health to Z3r0).

***  /health , /heal , /healme   (This commands set your health to 100).

***  /flipv , /flipc ,  /flip  (This commands flip your vehicle,bike).

***  /pc , /parachute ,  /chute  (This commands give you an parachute).

>>>>>>The command to apear all of this commands is (/xcmhelp).


Lines: 590

Commands: 11

Objects: 332

Vehicles: 9

Time Taken Making The Map: 3-4 Hours

Creator: Zh3r0

Quality: High  :mrgreen:

Location: Mount Chilliad

Fun: 100%




xChilliad Madne$$-|Rapidshare.com|

xChilliad Madne$$-|Delux-host.com|


Credit1..Goes to [Fackin']Luke for the nos system.

Credit2..Goes to [M]Cmg4life for some commands.

I hope you guys like it and i hope have fun!  :mrgreen:

And commenst will be cery nice and accepted and mirrors too

Cya and enjoy the Madne$$

More images cooming soon

la fel... mi lene

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