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Ajutor la un dialog



Am inceput sa fac un dialog simplu cu vremea.. arata cam asa [pawn]if (strcmp("/Vreme", cmdtext, true, 10) == 0)


new string[2024];

strcat(string,"Spazzy pink weather with very high winds (trees at over 45 deg angle)");

strcat(string,"\nDifferent versions of blue skies/clouds");


strcat(string,"\nBlue sky with clouds");

strcat(string,"\nScorching hot");

strcat(string,"\nDull, cloudy, rainy");

strcat(string,"\nScorching hot/blue sky at night");


strcat(string,"\nGreen fog");

strcat(string,"\nVery dark, gradiented skyline, purple");

strcat(string,"\nVery dark, gradiented skyline, green");

strcat(string,"\nVariations of pale orange");

strcat(string,"\nVariations of fresh blue");

strcat(string,"\nVariations of dark, cloudy, teal");

strcat(string,"\nDark, cloudy, brown");

strcat(string,"\nBlue/Purple, regular");

strcat(string,"\nDull brown");

strcat(string,"\nBright, foggy, orange");

strcat(string,"\nExtremely bright");

strcat(string,"\nBlue/Purple cloudy");

strcat(string,"\nDark toxic clouds");

strcat(string,"\nBlack/white sky");

strcat(string,"\nBlack sky (black/purple at night)");

ShowPlayerDialog(playerid,Dialog_Vreme,DIALOG_STYLE_LIST,"{FF66FF}Meniu Vreme",string,"Selecteaza", "Iesi");

return 1;


cand scriu /vreme pe server imi apare dialogul doar ca pe orice as apasa nu mi se schimba vremea..la OnDialogResponse am asa:[pawn]{

if(dialogid == Dialog_Vreme)




if(listitem == 0)


SetPlayerWeather(playerid, -66);

return 1;


if(listitem == 1)


SetPlayerWeather(playerid, -5);

return 1;


if(listitem == 2)


SetPlayerWeather(playerid, -8);

return 1;


if(listitem == 3)


SetPlayerWeather(playerid, -9);

return 1;


Si asa mai departe...[/pawn]

La compile nu imi da nici o eroare da pe server nu imi merge:(( ce trebuie sa fac?

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Ups..doar la primu era cu -...la celelalte nu erau..oricum am sters la taote - si tot nu merge...

Incearca sa faci o comanda cu o singura vreme sa vezi daca iti merge. Si eu o pateam, dar nucstiu de ce, poate e de la samp




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