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  1. nu ai conectat baza de date bine
  2. Mare keylogger ce luati. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8e437ef48f277476fdf8ba1f71e49db7b335eca2d1573f3a1ccc5c14e694b3e1/detection
  3. Am pus un logo si cand intru pe sv e patratul ala negru. Ce pot sa fac ?
  4. Unde gasesc cordonatele sa schimb spawn ca tot caut in gm si nu casesc? Pun cordonatele de la spawn dar nu gasesc nimic in gm.
  5. nu merge tot asa imi da. error 022: must be lvalue (non-constant)
  6. SondajTimer = SetTimer("StopSondaj", time*60000, false);
  7. acum primesc asta error 022: must be lvalue (non-constant)
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