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  1. cand fac clic pe harta [marca] , el ma teleporteaza pentru a marca [ numai pentru administratori ] cum se dezactiveaza aceasta caracteristica?
  2. F:\server\gamemodes\gm.pwn(50200) : error 001: expected token: "-string end-", but found "-identifier-" F:\server\gamemodes\gm.pwn(50200) : error 001: expected token: ")", but found "return" cum sa rezolve?
  3. @KB.HERO Multumiri +rep , Rezolvat
  4. atunci cand vreau compile game mode 1 error : game mode compile + error: F:\game\pawno\include\nex-ac.inc(7179) : warning 202: number of arguments does not match definition F:\game\pawno\include\nex-ac.inc(7192) : error 025: function heading differs from prototype Pawn compiler 3.2.3664 Copyright (c) 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase 1 Error. nex-ac.inc line 7192 error line: cum sa rezolve?
  5. @KB.HERO not you i had filse i changed windows now i need to download it again
  6. i can fix it for you come discord accept friend request
  7. am nevoie SampCac anticheat server file
  8. Am nevoie de un scripter c ++, c
  9. I need a scripter: Requires: Good or excellent knowledge of the language c++ Easy work project - good money If you have the conditions , tell me your discord id
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