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O comanda care sa dea la fiecare membru dintro factiun ceva



Deci dupa cum spune si titlul as vrea ca la comanda

[pawn] if(strcmp(cmdtext, "/taketurf", true) == 0)




      if (PlayerToPoint(300, playerid, 2533.0771,-1664.6176,15.1666))


Grove_Street = GangZoneCreate(2425.363, -1733.182, 2524.237, -1634.489);


GangZoneShowForPlayer(playerid, Grove_Street, 0x00FF0096);

                        GangZoneFlashForAll(playerid, 0xAA3333AA);

                        SetTimer("warover", 6000, 0);




SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, " ** Nu sunteti la un point war ! **");

            return 1;




Dupa ce cucereste un membru al factiuni acel point sa le dea la toti din factiune nu doar lui bani etc

Cum as putea face? :shocked:

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[pawn]public warover()


for(new i = 0; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++)


        SendClientMessageToAll(COLOR_RED, " ** The turf has been captured ! "); // This will show's everyone the message that the turf has been captured

GivePlayerMoney(i, 50000); // The money the player will get after getting the turf

        SendClientMessage(i, COLOR_GREEN, " You managed to get away with $50,000 and a couple guns !"); // The message

GivePlayerWeapon(i, 23, 80); // The wepeaon the player will get

GivePlayerWeapon(i, 28, 2000); // Another weapon the player will get

GangZoneDestroy(Grove_Street); // It will destroy the gangzone

        GangZoneDestroy(Garage_Gang); // ;;

        GangZoneDestroy(Ballaz_Gang);// ;;



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