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Hmm exista 2 posibilitati Ori modul are anti deamx alta problema nu poti sa dai deamx la un mod e pentru fs si plugins cum sa mai zis

Off Topic: Cmg a spus sa nu se mai faca topicuri de genu acesta deamx asa ca vezi ce faci dar cam rist..

[img width=222 height=100]http://www.speedtest.net/result/734520190.pn

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    • By AndreiSAMP2
      fatal error 111: user error: Did you do <YSI/y_hooks> instead of the required <YSI\y_hooks>?
    • By Ramses
      Salut, am si eu o 'problema' cu un cod de ProgressBar. E pe baza de exp si atunci cand ating (100+/100) se reseteaza la 0. Vreau ca atunci cand fac de ex. 200/100 sa faca level up si sa imi ramana 100/200 (pentru urmatorul level). 
      function giveExp(playerid, expAmount) { new exp_String[64], szStr[128], query[100]; if(!expAmount) expAmount = 1; PlayerInfo[playerid][pExp] += expAmount; SCMf(playerid, -1, "{ffffff}Ai primit %d puncte de experienta (total %d).",expAmount,PlayerInfo[playerid][pExp]); format(exp_String,64,"~g~+%d EXPERIENCE",expAmount); GameTextForPlayer(playerid,exp_String,3000,1); if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pExp] >= PlayerInfo[playerid][pNeedExp]) { PlayerInfo[playerid][pExp] = 0; UpdateProgress(playerid); PlayerInfo[playerid][pNeedExp] = PlayerInfo[playerid][pNeedExp] + 100; PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevel] ++; SetPlayerScore(playerid,PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevel]); UpdateProgress(playerid); mysql_format(SQL, query, 100, "UPDATE `users` SET `Level` = '%d' WHERE `ID` = '%d' LIMIT 1", PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevel], PlayerInfo[playerid][pSQLID]); mysql_tquery(SQL, query, "", ""); Update(playerid, pNeedExpx); format(szStr, sizeof szStr,"Ai avansat la level {ffffff}%d{25a869} deoarece ai acumulat destula experienta.",PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevel]); SCM(playerid, 0x25a869FF, szStr); } return true; } function UpdateProgress(playerid) { new string[512]; format(string, sizeof(string), "Level: %d (%d/%d Exp)", PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevel], PlayerInfo[playerid][pExp], PlayerInfo[playerid][pNeedExp]); PlayerTextDrawSetString(playerid, HudBarTD, string); PlayerTextDrawShow(playerid, HudBarTD); SetPlayerProgressBarMaxValue(playerid, HudProgress[playerid], PlayerInfo[playerid][pNeedExp]); SetPlayerProgressBarValue(playerid, HudProgress[playerid], PlayerInfo[playerid][pExp]); SetPlayerProgressBarColour(playerid, HudProgress[playerid], COLOR_SVORANGE); ShowPlayerProgressBar(playerid, HudProgress[playerid]); return 1; }  
    • By AlexCelTare
      stie cineva vreun fs sau cum sa fac sa nu se mai reseteze banii la playeri cand dau relog? va rog
    • By R4zvyy
      Ma poate ajuta cineva cum pot baga mapping in include? am facut asta
       dupaia asta 
      Si imi da eroarea  asta 
      ../gamemodes/systems/mapping.inc(1) : error 021: symbol already defined: "LoadMaps"
      ../gamemodes/systems/mapping.inc(27) : error 010: invalid function or declaration
      Pawn compiler 3.10.8              Copyright (c) 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

      2 Errors.

      Ma poate ajuta cineva va rog?
    • By Rby Robert
      Salut incerc sa conectez un panel la gm dar imi da o eroare....
      [24-Aug-2021 17:25:46 Europe/Bucharest] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected 'else' (T_ELSE), expecting end of file in /home/dtyroman/public_html/panel/inc/header.inc.php on line 7
      Nu stiu ce sa ii fac am incercat toate modele 
      daca sterg asta din panel/inc/header.inc.php
      else {
          if(Config::isAdmin(Config::getUser())) {
              $get = Config::$g_con->prepare('SELECT `ID` FROM `panel_tickets` WHERE `Status` = 0'); $get-
              $tickets = $get->rowCount();
              $get = Config::$g_con->prepare('SELECT `ID` FROM `panel_unban` WHERE `Status` = 0'); $get->execute
              $unban = $get->rowCount();
              $get = Config::$g_con->prepare('SELECT `ID` FROM `panel_complaints` WHERE `Status` = 0'); $get-
              $complaints = $get->rowCount();
          } else {
              $get = Config::$g_con->prepare('SELECT `ID` FROM `panel_tickets` WHERE `Status` = 0 AND `UserID` =
      ?'); $get->execute(array(Config::getUser()));
              $tickets = $get->rowCount();
              $get = Config::$g_con->prepare('SELECT `ID` FROM `panel_unban` WHERE `Status` = 0 AND `UserID` =
      ?'); $get->execute(array(Config::getUser()));
              $unban = $get->rowCount();
              $get = Config::$g_con->prepare('SELECT `ID` FROM `panel_complaints` WHERE `Status` = 0 AND `UserID`
      = ? OR `Status` = 0 AND `AccusedID` = ?'); $get->execute(array(Config::getUser(),Config::getUser()));
              $complaints = $get->rowCount();
      Merge dar nu pot sa ma loghez adica imi da pagina alba
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