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Blacklist model car



Salut, asa cum scrie si in titlu a-si dori sa pot adauga cateva modele de masini la blacklist, uite am aici comanda de spawn a masinilor.


new VehicleNames[212][] = {

{"Landstalker"},{"Bravura"}....etc...{"Utility Trailer"}


CMD:v(playerid, params[])


  new Index;

    new tmp[256];  tmp  = strtok(params,Index);

new tmp2[256]; tmp2 = strtok(params,Index);

new tmp3[256]; tmp3 = strtok(params,Index);

    if(!strlen(tmp)) return

SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTBLUE, "USAGE:{FFFFFF} /v [modelid/carname] [color1] [color2]");

new car;

new string[128];

new colour1, colour2;


car = GetVehicleModelIDFromName(tmp);

  else car = strval(tmp);

if(!strlen(tmp2)) colour1 = random(126); else colour1 = strval(tmp2);

if(!strlen(tmp3)) colour2 = random(126); else colour2 = strval(tmp3);

if(SpawnedVehicles[playerid] != 0) DestroyVehicle(SpawnedVehicles[playerid]);

new Float:X,Float:Y,Float:Z;

new Float:Angle,int1;

new LVehicleID = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid);

GetPlayerPos(playerid, X,Y,Z);


int1 = GetPlayerInterior(playerid);

SpawnedVehicles[playerid] = CreateVehicle(car, X+3,Y,Z, Angle, colour1, colour2, -1);




format(string, sizeof(string), "SYSTEM:{FFFFFF} You spawned a %s", VehicleNames[car-400]);

return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTBLUE, string);


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Deasupra la

if(!strlen(tmp2)) colour1 = random(126); else colour1 = strval(tmp2);
if( car == model_vehicul_1 || car == model_vehicul_2 || etc. )
    return SendClientMessage( playerid, -1, "Acest vehicul este interzis !" );

model_vehicul_1 si 2 schimbi cu modelul vehiculelor interzise.

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