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[F.S]Toollbooth By Scofield

Guest Scofield

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Guest Scofield

Toollbooth by Alex_Scofield

Download : http://rapidshare.com/files/241944895/_F.S__Tollbooth_by_Scofield.rar.html

*PWN nu cred ca va trebuie il poate face oricine.

*Imaginea de mai jos va arata cum sunt pozitionate vamile si blocajele.

Image : http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/103639ToollboothBlocking.jpg


Tollbooth LS-SF - http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/113038sa-mp-021.png

Tollbooth - http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/113134sa-mp-022.png

Tollbooth - LS-LV - http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/113228sa-mp-023.png

Tollbooth - SF-LV - http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/113543sa-mp-027.png

Tollbooth - SF - BS - http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/113602sa-mp-028.png

Blocking LS - LV - http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/113301sa-mp-024.png

Blocking LS - LV2 - http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/113426sa-mp-025.png

Blocking LS - SF - http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/113517sa-mp-026.png

Blocking LS - http://www.upload.ro/3039/2309/113657sa-mp-029.png

Cum se instaleaza?

*Se introduce in filterscript apoi se scrie numele F.S -ului in server.cfg.

Credit by Alex_Scofield ;)

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Guest Scofield

Eu am postat pentru doritori de vame care au vazut si pe alte srv ca daca ar fi sa dau pwn vor schimba cine a fost creatoru ...

Accept stergerea alta data nu mai postez.. 

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Deci nu vrei sa pui .pwn la el, asa ca nu are rost sa face subiecte cu niste imagini si .amx la el. Deci Subiect Inchis.

Regula data de Ninja.


ATENTIE!!! Nu imi trimiteti mesaje private care au legatura cu scriptingul. NU mai scriptez.

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