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Ajutor (Bug burned slot vehicle)



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    • By R4zvyy
      Salutare, am o problema cu vehiculele, atunci cand cumpar manual VIP, VIP Plus, Rainbow, stage si neon nu se salveaza

      ma ajuta careva?
    • By Costin Mantea1
      Salutare ma ajutati va rog sa termin adaugarea de Vehicule pentru Clan, aici am  doar partea de Dialog:
    • By St3f4n36
      Salut, nu pot sa inteleg dc cand dau /createvehicle si setez factiune, rank etc. Nu imi creaza bine vehiculele, lucrez pe gm HPQ123 si chiar imi da cu virgula. Stiti de la ce ar putea fi?
      Daca doriti va trimit comenzile din .pwn
    • By Rby Robert
      cand dau /ad pe server scriu acolo /ad Recrutez in clanul .... nu apare ad pe server apare la staff Preview ad dar pe server la playerii nu apare
      Aceasta este comanda
      YCMD:ad(playerid, params[], help) {
          if(AdTimer[playerid] != 0) return SCM(playerid, COLOR_LGREEN, "Ai pus un anunt recent. Foloseste comanda /myad pentru a-l vedea.");
          new string[264],idx;
          if(!PlayerInfo[playerid][pPhone]) return SCM(playerid, COLOR_LGREEN, "Nu ai un telefon.");
          if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pMuted] == 1) {
              format(string, sizeof(string), "You can't talk right now! You are muted. (%d seconds)",PlayerInfo[playerid][pMuteTime]);
              SCM(playerid, COLOR_GREY, string);
              return true;
          if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevel] < 5) return SCM(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "Ai nevoie de nivel 5 pentru a da un anunt!");
          new length = strlen(params);
          while ((idx < length) && (params[idx] <= ' ')) idx++;
          new offset = idx, result[264];
          while ((idx < length) && ((idx - offset) < (sizeof(result) - 1))) {
              result[idx - offset] = params[idx];
          result[idx - offset] = EOS;
          new totalads = TotalAds()+1;
          if(PlayerToPoint(10, playerid, BizzInfo[11][bEntranceX], BizzInfo[11][bEntranceY], BizzInfo[11][bEntranceZ])) {
              if(!strlen(result)) return SCM(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "Usage:{FFFFFF}/ad <Text>");
              if(FaceReclama(result)) return Reclama(playerid, result);
              new payout = BizzInfo[14][bFee];
              if(PlayerMoney(playerid, payout)) {
                  format(string, sizeof(string), "* Ai folosit %d caractere si anuntul costa $%s, Nu ai banii necesari", offset, FormatNumbers(payout));
                  SCM(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, string);
                  return true;
              GivePlayerCash(playerid, 0, payout);
              format(string, sizeof(string), "~r~Ai platit $%d~n~~w~Mesajul contine: %d caractere", payout, idx);
              GameTextForPlayer(playerid, string, 5000, 5);
              format(AdText[playerid], 256, result);
              format(string, sizeof(string), "[PREV AD] %s ({FFFFFF}%d{00D900}): %s", GetName(playerid), playerid, result);
              SendStaffMessage(0xDE1414FF, string);
              AdTimer[playerid] = totalads*60;
              new timer;        
              timer = SetTimerEx("Advertisment", totalads*60000, 0, "d", playerid);
              SetPVarInt(playerid, "AdTimer", timer); 
              format(string, sizeof(string), "Anuntul tau va fi afisat in %d minute (%d secunde).", AdTimer[playerid]/60, AdTimer[playerid]);
              SCM(playerid, -1, string);
              BizzInfo[14][bBalance] += payout;
              new str[128];
              mysql_format(SQL,str,128,"UPDATE bizz SET `Till`='%d',`Products`='%d' WHERE `ID`='1'",BizzInfo[14][bBalance],BizzInfo[14][bProducts]);
              mysql_tquery(SQL,str, "", "");
          else SCM(playerid, -1, "Nu esti la CNN.");
          return true;
      function Advertisment(playerid) {
          if(IsPlayerConnected(playerid) && AdTimer[playerid] != 0) {
              new string[1024];
              format(string, sizeof(string), "Ad by %s (phone: {FFFFFF}%d{00D900}): %s",GetName(playerid),PlayerInfo[playerid][pPhone],AdText[playerid]);
              SendMessage(0x00D900FF, string);
              AdTimer[playerid] = 0;
          return true;
      function TotalAds() {
          new x;
          foreach(Player, i) {
              if(IsPlayerConnected(i) && AdTimer[i] != 0) x++;
          return x;
    • By TheGodfather
      Salut, cand dau /park, parcheaza masina corect dar daca ma uit in /v imi spune ca este "occupied" chiar daca eu nu mai sunt in ea. Ma scoate cand dau /park.
      YCMD:park(playerid, params[], help) {
          if(aspam[playerid] > 0) return SCMEx(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "[Command Anti-Spam] {FFFFFF}Wait %d seconds.", aspam[playerid]);
          new car = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid);
              return SCM(playerid, COLOR_ERROR, "Error: {FFFFFF}You are not in your vehicle.");
          if(Iter_Count(MyVehicle[playerid]) == 0) 
              return SCM(playerid, COLOR_ERROR, "Error: {FFFFFF}You do not have a personal vehicle!");
          if(PersonalCar(playerid) == -1) 
              return SCM(playerid, COLOR_ERROR, "Error: {FFFFFF}You are not in one of your vehicles!");
          if(GetPlayerState(playerid) != 2) 
              return SCM(playerid, COLOR_GREEN, "* You need to drive the car in order to use this command!");
          new idd = PersonalCar(playerid);
          new Float: vhp;
          GetVehicleHealth(car, vhp);
          if(vhp < 800) return SCM(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "You can not park the car because it has less than 800 'health'!");
          if(PlayerToPoint(150, playerid, 564.1226, -1270.0704, 17.2477)) return SCM(playerid, COLOR_ERROR, "INFO: {FFFFFF}You can not park the car near the spawn.");
          new Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, Float:a;
          saveTuning(playerid, CarInfo[idd][Spawned]);
          GetVehiclePos(car, x, y, z);
          GetVehicleZAngle(car, a);
          CarInfo[idd][cLocationx] = x;
          CarInfo[idd][cLocationy] = y;
          CarInfo[idd][cLocationz] = z;
          CarInfo[idd][cTime] = gettime()+600;
          CarInfo[idd][cAngle] = a;
          CarInfo[idd][cVirtual] = GetPlayerVirtualWorld(playerid);
          if(strlen(CarInfo[idd][cText]) >= 3) {
          CarInfo[idd][Spawned] = CreateVehicleEx(CarInfo[idd][cModel],CarInfo[idd][cLocationx],CarInfo[idd][cLocationy],CarInfo[idd][cLocationz],CarInfo[idd][cAngle],CarInfo[idd][cColorOne],CarInfo[idd][cColorTwo], -1, 0);
          SetVehicleVirtualWorld(CarInfo[idd][Spawned], CarInfo[idd][cVirtual]);
          SetVehicleHealth(CarInfo[idd][Spawned], CarInfo[idd][cVip] ? 2000 : 1000);
          SetVehicleNumberPlate(CarInfo[idd][Spawned], CarInfo[idd][cLicense]);
          new Float: Pos[3];
          GetPlayerPos(playerid, Pos[0], Pos[1], Pos[2]);
          CarInfo[idd][cLastPos][0] = Pos[0];
          CarInfo[idd][cLastPos][1] = Pos[1];
          CarInfo[idd][cLastPos][2] = Pos[2];
          return true;
      function IsVehicleOccupied(vehicleid) return VehicleOccupied[vehicleid] != 0 ? (true) : (false);
      stock ShowPlayerVehicle(playerid, bool: type) {
          if(aspam[playerid] > 0) return SCMEx(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "[Command Anti-Spam] {FFFFFF}Wait %d seconds.", aspam[playerid]);
          new szTitle[2000], szDialog[2000], x = 0;
          if(Iter_Count(MyVehicle[playerid]) == 0) 
              return SCM(playerid, COLOR_LGREEN, "Error: You do not have a personal vehicle!");
          format(szTitle, sizeof(szTitle), "Your Vehicles {E3DE31}%d/%d", Iter_Count(MyVehicle[playerid]), GetSlots(playerid));
          strcat(szDialog, "Vehicul\tStatus\tDespawn Time\tOthers details\n");
          foreach(MyVehicle[playerid], car) {
              format(szDialog, sizeof(szDialog), "%s%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\n", szDialog, aVehicleNames[CarInfo[car][cModel]-400], CarInfo[car][Spawned] != 0 ? IsVehicleOccupied(CarInfo[car][Spawned]) ? ("{FFFF00}[occupied]") : ("{26B309}[spawned]") : ("{FF0000}[despawned]"), CheckDespawnCar(car), TotalUp(car)); 
              PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarKey][x] = car;
          ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, type ? DIALOG_STICKET : DIALOG_GARAGE, DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST_HEADERS, szTitle, szDialog, "Ok", "Exit");
          return true;
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