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Patru warning-uri.


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Salut, am aceste warning-uri si chiar nu stiu cum sa le rezolv, multumesc tutoror

Warnings: D:\Downloads\Tuts GM (1)\Tuts GM\gamemodes\Tuts.pwn(634) : warning 215: expression has no effect
D:\Downloads\Tuts GM (1)\Tuts GM\gamemodes\Tuts.pwn(655) : warning 215: expression has no effect
D:\Downloads\Tuts GM (1)\Tuts GM\gamemodes\Tuts.pwn(4434) : warning 203: symbol is never used: "MY_GARAGE"
D:\Downloads\Tuts GM (1)\Tuts GM\gamemodes\Tuts.pwn(4434) : warning 203: symbol is never used: "MY_GARAGE_DESPAWNED"


// linia 634     vehicle_fuel[vehicleid] == 100.0;
// linia 635    vehicle_personal[vehicleid] = -1;


// Chestia cu dialog-ul 


DIALOG:MY_GARAGE(playerid, response, listitem)
        return true;

    SetPVarInt(playerid, "VehSelect", playerInfo[playerid][pSelectVehicle][listitem]);
    if(PersonalVehicle[playerid][pSelectVehicle][listitem][pvSpawnedID] == INVALID_VEHICLE_ID)
        return Dialog_Show(playerid, MY_GARAGE_DESPAWNED, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST, "Server: My Vehicles", "Informations\nSpawn", "Select", "Close");

    return Dialog_Show(playerid, MY_GARAGE_SPAWNED, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST, "SERVER: My Vehicles", "Informations\nFind\nSpawn\nDespawn\nUnlock", "Select", "Close");

DIALOG:MY_GARAGE_DESPAWNED(playerid, response, listitem)
        return true;

    new id = GetPVarInt(playerid, "VehSelect");
        new string[256];
        format(string, 256, "Model: %s (%d)\nPrimary color: %d\nSecondary color: %d\nKilometers: %.02f\nAge: %d days\nInsurance: %d points\nInsurance price: $%s", getVehicleName(PersonalVehicle[id][pvModelID]), PersonalVehicle[id][pvModelID], PersonalVehicle[id][pvColorOne], PersonalVehicle[id][pvColorTwo], PersonalVehicle[id][pvOdometer], getVehDays(id), PersonalVehicle[id][pvInsurancePoints], getInsurancePrice(floaround(PersonalVehicle[id][pvOdometer]), getVehDays(id)));
        return Dialog_Show(playerid, 0, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "SERVER: Informations", string, "Close");

    PersonalVehicle[id][pvSpawnedID] = CreateVehicle(PersonalVehicle[id][pvX], PersonalVehicle[id][Y], PersonalVehicle[id][pvZ], PersonalVehicle[id][pvAngle], PersonalVehicle[id][pvColorOne], PersonalVehicle[id][pvColorTwo], -1);
    SetVehicleInterior(PersonalVehicle[id][pvSpawnedID], PersonalVehicle[id][pvVirtualWorld]);
    LinkVehicleToInterior(PersonalVehicle[id][pvSpawnedID], PersonalVehicle[id][pvInterior]);
    SetVehicleNumberPlate(PersonalVehicle[id][pvSpawnedID], PersonalVehicle[id][pvCarPlate]);
    vehicle_fuel[PersonalVehicle[id][pvSpawnedID]] = PersonalVehicle[id][pvFuel];
    PersonalVehicle[id][pvDespawnTime] = (gettime() * 900);
    SCMF(playerid, -1, "Vehiculul tau %s, a fost spawnat la locul sau de parcare.", getVehicleName(PersonalVehicle[id][pvModelID]));
    return true;

YCMD:vehicles(playerid, params[], help)
        return sendPlayerError(playerid, "You don't own any cars!");

    new string[2048] = "Slot\tVehicle\tStatus\tDespawn Time\n", count = 0;
    foreach(new i : PlayerVehicles[playerid])
        if(PersonalVehicle[i][pvSpawnedID] == INVALID_VEHICLE_ID)
            format(string, 2048, "%s{ffffff}%d\t%s\t{ff0000}Despawned\t{ffffff}-\n", string, (i + 1), getVehicleName(PersonalVehicle[i][pvModelID]));
            format(string, 2048, "%s{ffffff}%d\t%s\t%s\t%d min\n", string, (i + 1), getVehicleName(PersonalVehicle[i][pvModelID]), (IsVehicleOccupied(PersonalVehicle[i][pvSpawnedID])) ? ("{E5913E}Occupied{FFFFFF}") : ("{4DFF00}Spawned{FFFFFF}"), ((PersonalVehicle[i][pvDespawnTime] - gettime()) / 60));
        playerInfo[playerid][pSelectVehicle][count] = i;
        count ++;

    new title[64];
    format(title, 64, "%s's vehicles (%d slots)", getName(playerid), playerInfo[playerid][pVehicleSlots]);
    Dialog_Show(playerid, MY_GARAGE, DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST_HEADERS, title, string, "Select", "Close");
    return true;

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