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Salut am si eu o problema pana la urma am reusit sa pornesc gamemode terone dar acuma imi da niste erori daca stie cineva cum le pot sa le rezolv reply pls


[debug] Long callback execution detected (hang or performance issue)
[debug] AMX backtrace:
[debug] #0 0006fd78 in ?? () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #1 0006fe90 in ?? (53) in gamemode.amx
[debug] #2 00071620 in ?? (46124008) in gamemode.amx
[debug] #3 00071900 in ?? (46124008) in gamemode.amx
[debug] #4 00071c64 in ?? () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #5 000787ac in ?? () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #6 00077450 in public AMX_OnScriptInit () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #7 00075428 in public Debug_OnScriptInit () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #8 0006d7cc in public YVers_OnScriptInit () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #9 0006cfb4 in public ScriptInit_OnScriptInit () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #10 0006cc8c in public OnPlPa_OnGameModeInit () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #11 native CallLocalFunction () in samp-server.exe
[debug] #12 00069bc0 in public zcmd_OnGameModeInit () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #13 native CallLocalFunction () in samp-server.exe
[debug] #14 0005888c in public SSCANF_OnGameModeInit () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #15 00052bf4 in public PZone_OnGameModeInit () in gamemode.amx
[debug] #16 native CallLocalFunction () in samp-server.exe
[debug] #17 000525d4 in public OnGameModeInit () in gamemode.amx
Apartaments: 24
OnGameModeInit Loaded
Script loaded - WLG Server
Number of vehicle models: 78
Error ID: 1054, Error: Unknown column 'JobGoalMaxValue' in 'field list'
Callback: InitJobGoal
gQuery: SELECT `JobGoalMaxValue`,`JobGoalActualValue` FROM `systems` LIMIT 1

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Acum 5 ore, Gigel a spus:


In baza de date in tabelul 'systems' trebuie sa ai definit "JobGoalMaxValue", eroarea zice ca tu nu ai asa ceva. O poza din baza de date cu tabelul 'systems' ar fi de ajutor.

Dupa cum a zis si @Gigel, nu ai creat in baza de date -> tableul 'systems' , in structura tabelului definit 'JobGoalMaxValue' , cum faci asta ? Uita-te mai jos :


Mergi la tabelul 'systems' -> Apesi pe 'Structure' , mergi jos de tot , iar acolo va scrie ceva de genul " Add 1 column(s) after ceva. -> Apesi pe go -> Pui numele si etc.\


Sper ca am fost de ajutor.

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