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unknow gm cosminak47 burned



01:22:07]  am erorile astea (plugins sunt ok)
[01:22:08] Server: Beta
[01:22:08] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[01:22:08] [debug]  Accessing element at index 1048218041 past array upper bound 99
[01:22:08] [debug] AMX backtrace:
[01:22:08] [debug] #0 0008b318 in public LoadTDs () at C:\burned\pawno\include\systems.inc:2903
[01:22:08] [debug] #1 000c1e2c in ?? () at C:\burned\gamemodes\gmm.pwn:1547
[01:22:08] [debug] #2 0002f1b0 in public L_AFK_OnGM () at C:\burned\pawno\include\YSI\y_hooks/impl.inc:498
[01:22:08] [debug] #3 native CallLocalFunction () from samp03svr
[01:22:08] [debug] #4 0001bd0c in public SSCANF_OnGameModeInit () at C:\burned\pawno\include\AutoAFK.inc:47
[01:22:08] [debug] #5 000153f8 in public Itter_OnGameModeInit () at C:\burned\pawno\include\sscanf2.inc:205
[01:22:08] [debug] #6 native CallLocalFunction () from samp03svr
[01:22:08] [debug] #7 00014130 in public ScriptInit_OnGameModeInit () at C:\burned\pawno\include\YSI\y_iterate.inc:791
[01:22:08] [debug] #8 00012d50 in public PZone_OnGameModeInit () at C:\burned\pawno\include\YSI\internal\..\y_scriptinit.inc:171
[01:22:08] [debug] #9 native CallLocalFunction () from samp03svr
[01:22:08] [debug] #10 00006d30 in public OnGameModeInit () at C:\burned\pawno\include\playerzone.inc:429
[01:22:08] Number of vehicle models: 0
[01:22:09] Accesory loaded: 100

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1. Verifica daca este corect pus gamemode-ul la linia 'gamemodes0' din server.cfg ( nu are cum sa fie de la asta ).

2. Daca esti pe localhost , verifica daca este definit 'server_hoststatus' si acolo modifici dupa cum ai tu ( sunt 2 tipuri : localhost si normal , localhost pentru localhost si normal pentru host platit ).

3. Daca esti pe host , verifica daca ai introdus datele de la baza de date corect in mysql_connect.

4. Incearca sa updatezi pluginurile de la mysql.

Altceva nu are de la ce sa fie. Si oricum acolo se vede ca nu se incarca nici 'Number of vehicle models' , deci 90% este de la baza de date. 

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