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Cerere textdraw updates

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Salut, as dorii daca se poate sa imi faceti un textdraw de tip /updates
asemanator cu asta doar ca asta e /v
sau cum as putea sa-i schimb comanda [/]

new Float:ChangePos[MAX_PLAYERS][3];
new ChangePos2[MAX_PLAYERS][2];
//new Float:PlayerPos[MAX_PLAYERS][6];
new Float:TeleportDest[MAX_PLAYERS][7];
new reg[ ] = "{ee5555}/v buy{FFFFFF} -cumperi un vehicul personal\n{ee5555}/v sell[1,2,3,4,5]{FFFFFF}- vinzi masina slot 1 ,2 ,3,4 sau 5\n",
    reg2[ ] = "{ee5555}/v color[1,2,3,4,5]{FFFFFF} - schimbi culoare masinii 1,2,3,4 sau 5.\n{ee5555}/v sellto[1,2,3,4,5]{FFFFFF}- vinzi masina 1,2,3,4 sau 5 unui player.\n",
    reg3[ ] = "{ee5555}/v sellex - Vinzi masina cu 1$.\n",
    reg4[ ] = "{ee5555}/v plate[1,2,3,4,5]{FFFFFF} - schimbi numarul la masina 1,2,3,4 sau 5 \n",
    reg5[ ] = "{ee5555}/v locate[1,2,3,4,5]{FFFFFF} - vezi locatia masinii 1,2,3,4 sau 5\n",
    reg6[ ] = "{ee5555}/v color[1,2,3,4,5]{FFFFFF} - schimbi culoarea masinii 1,2,3,4 sau 5\n{ee5555}/towcar - {FFFFFF}iti respawnezi masina personala \n",
    reg7[ ] = "{ee5555}/v park{FFFFFF} - iti parchezi masina in locul dorit \n{ee5555}/v lock[1,2,3,4,5]{FFFFFF} - incui / descui masinile 1,2,3,4 sau 5\n",
    reg8[ ] = "{ee5555}/v info{FFFFFF}- vezi detalii despre vehiculele tale personale\n{FFFFFF}Serverul contine 241 de masini personale\n\n{118DCF}********Masinile se cumpara de la dealere [/gps]********* "; 

Edited by Adan Barbaros
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cmd:credits(playerid, params []) {
    ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 0, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX , "{E9E909}Community Credits", "{FFFFFF}** Salutare si bine ai venit in comunitatea {0986E9}Play-Time Romania{FFFFFF}. **\n\
        {FFFFFF}* Ne bucuram extrem de mult sa te avem si pe tine alaturi de noi, si ne vom da silinta sa-ti satisfacem pofta de SA-MP prin mijloacele noastre.\n\
        {FFFFFF}* Suntem constienti ca mai exista o multime de servere de SA-MP insa noi dorim sa iesim in evidenta cu {0986E9}profesionalismul {FFFFFF}nostru.\n\
        {FFFFFF}* Acestea fiind spuse iti vom prezenta oameni ce se afla in spatele serverului {E9E909}Credites:\n\n\
        {0986E9}* Scripting:Inferno1.\n\
        {0986E9}* Forum/Panel:Elyte Iulian And Inferno1.\n\
        {0986E9}* [FS]Mape And Jobs : Inferno1 JonFTW.\n\
        {0986E9}* Creator Gamemode: _SIRIUS_.\n\
        {0986E9}* Gamemode Vechi: XpaulFTW IochiAdv.\n\n\
        {E9E909}* Poti folosi comanda [/n] pentru a pune o intrebare helperilor.\n\
        {E9E909}* Poti folosi comanda [/report] daca ai nevoie de un admin.", "{E9E909}Ok", "");
il editezi tu cum vrei 

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