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[Eroare]- Run time error 19

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Salut, am si eu o problema cu nenorocitata asta de eroare, incerc sa deschid si eu gm pe localhost si nu ma lasa din cauza erori 'Run time error 19'.

Asta imi apare in consola:


[21:56:47] Server Plugins
[21:56:47] --------------
[21:56:47]  Loading plugin: crashdetect
[21:56:47]   Failed.
[21:56:47]  Loading plugin: sscanf
[21:56:47]   Failed.
[21:56:47]  Loading plugin: mysql
[21:56:47]   Failed.
[21:56:47]  Loading plugin: streamer
[21:56:47]   Failed.
[21:56:47]  Loading plugin: sampcac_server
[21:56:47]   SA-MP Clientside AntiCheat v0.10.0 is being loaded ...
[21:56:47]   Loaded.
[21:56:47]  Loaded 1 plugins.

[21:56:47] Filterscripts
[21:56:47] ---------------
[21:56:47]   Loading filterscript 'mapping.amx'...
[21:56:47]   Loaded 1 filterscripts.

[21:56:47] Script[gamemodes/B-HOOD.amx]: Run time error 19: "File or function is not found"
[21:56:47] Number of vehicle models: 0
[21:56:53] --- Server Shutting Down.
[21:56:53]   SA-MP Clientside AntiCheat v0.10.0 is being unloaded ...

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Nu ti se incarca pluginurile. De-a lungul timpului au fost diverse rezolvari pentru aceasta problema.

Instaleaza microsoft visual c++ 2015, net framework, verifica server.cfg sa fie pluginurile puse cu .dll,verifica daca le ai in folderul plugins.

Streamer cred ca ar trebui sa fie primul.

Mai poti sa le faci si un update, chiar si la librari si sa compilezi din nou gamemode-ul.

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1 oră în urmă, andy47 a spus:


plugins streamer.dll mysql.dll etc..

.dll e pentru windows, ceea ce ai tu nevoie.si .so e pentru linux.

Pentru windows nu trebuie neaparat '.dll' la sfarsit.

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