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Pai mam uitat si la register este:

    if (AccInfo[playerid][LoggedIn] == 1)
	return SendClientMessage(playerid,red,"ERROR: You are already registered and logged in.");

    if (udb_Exists(PlayerName2(playerid)))
	return SendClientMessage(playerid,red,"ERROR: This account already exists") &&
    SendClientMessage(playerid,orange,"Login to access your account ('/"#LoginCommand" [password]').");

    if (strlen(params) == 0)
	return SendClientMessage(playerid,orange,"Usage: '/"#RegisterCommand" [password]'");

    if (strlen(params) < 4 || strlen(params) > 20)
	return SendClientMessage(playerid,red,"ERROR: Your password length must be greater than 3 characters");

    if (udb_Create(PlayerName2(playerid)))

asta este dar scrio orce pe server tot unkno command ami spune!

Ma ajuta cineva?  :'(

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