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eXtreme Stunt Alpha Full


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Descriere produs: Server SA-MP Stunt/Freeroam/Fly/DD/DM/Race/Drift etc .
Preţ: 25 Euro
Alte detalii:

Sisteme :

Admin System > 15 Levele

VIP System > 8 Levele

System Vihicule personale (http://i.imgur.com/xKkCNTT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/O0bqCcW.jpg )

System de Case

System de proprietati ( http://i.imgur.com/1FxW7nK.jpg )

Achievements System

Counter Strike (http://i.imgur.com/n1Ksvr9.jpg )

Football (http://i.imgur.com/jwQWESf.jpg )

Tic Tac(X si 0) (http://i.imgur.com/A8r7GKB.jpg )

Gang System ( Cel de pe WoS imbunatatit + cateva comenzi noi )

Clan System

CNR Minigame (http://i.imgur.com/ryZKxOy.jpg)

Bank System

Race System

Drift System

Pool System

RCON Protection System

Ban System (3 tipuri de ban > IP, Nume si Seria PC)

Save Tune System

Auto Tune System

Anti Fall System

Speed Boost (2 moduri)

Flip Car (2 moduri)

Auto Car Fix



Si multe altele .


Altele :

27 Minigames (Fara basejump pk si altele)

7 Base Jumps

1 command for all (/give)

139 Statistici in baza de date

110 Achievements

Peste 600 obiecte texturate

Peste 300.000 de obiecte

Peste 67.000 lini in Gamemode

Toate logurile in baza de date (Cmd log, Chat log + Admin log)

Gvar, sscanf2, MySQL R39-2

Si multe altele .


Bonus Panel V3, GTA V kill effect si Cmera Kill

Puteti cumpara si versiuni mai vechi , iar pretul scade ajungand pana la 12 Euro pentru Build 4 xD





Edited by Arownd





Skype : samp_arownd

Yahoo wos_sunrise 

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