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I decided to present the edited script and translated by me, unique in English/Romania.

- Dynamic Business System
- Family Dynamic System (Possibility of direct families of game creation liking)
- Dynamic GiftBox (Placing a gift -playerii can receive gifts from 5 to 5 hours of it)
- Fireworks System (cmd: / placefirework)
- Accessories System (possibility of buying accessories store / vip for character)
- Mapping Custom (Indoor / Outdoor)
- Radio system for cars
- Orders for custom admin
- Custom Jobs
- Creation of dynamic events
- Gates System (ability to create gates homes Player)
- Paintball System


- Added command / window that can be used to open / close the windows of a vehicle
- Bbc radio added one (/ carradio + / bmusic + / hmusic)
- /Carradio: the number of listeners to a radio station appearing on a different column
- Command / members (which can be used by leaders) displays faction members orderly columns
- Fisherman: When a player is fishing rod in hand he appears; when a player exits the fishing animation (get in the car, hit the other players), it must use again / fish to fish
- On infernusurile police siren sounds just like normal police cars in the game


1.Los Santos Police Department    
2.National Guard    
3.Hitman Agency
5.News Reporters
6.Taxi LV    
7.Grove Street    
9.The Russian Mafia    
10.Los Vagos    
11.Los Aztecas    
12.School Instructors LV    
13.Paramedic Department    
14.The Rifa    
15.Las Venturas Police Department    
16.Taxi LS    


1. Car Mechanic
2. Drug Dealer
3. Whore
4. Garbageman
5. Arms Dealer
6. Farmer
7. Trucker
8. Pizza Boy
9. Detective

Link Download Direct : http://adf.ly/1H1E23 OR http://ge.tt/7wVm2GG2/v/0


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Nu are nici un GM in el..

Are mai toate...dar cand e vorba de GM-uri..sunt postate cele de la serverul default care le primesti cand descarci un server de la sa-mp.com/ro

Ofer servicii de web designer/developer(contact me pentru portofoliu etc)

Metode de plata: Paysafecard,Skrill,PayPal,Bitcoin

Ofer si servicii de Penetration Testing.

Vand si VPN-uri. 5 euro pe luna

Skype: live:mrtunne.tkcode

Discord: https://mrtunne.info/discord

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You have 24 hours available to put at least 3 photos and other links to download, if not properly disposed and closed topic


                     Respecta si vei fi respectat. :)

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