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Problema unknown gamemode



De curand am hostat un server, acesta ruland cu o baza de date MYSQL, dar problema sta in felul urmator. Am urmat toti pasii care i-am vazut in tutorialul de trece a unui server de pe windows pe linux, si cand pornesc serverul la GameMode apare Unknown. Din ce am reusit sa aflu, asta se intampla din cauza bazei de date.


Eroarea aparuta in server_log este:

 failed (libmysqlclient_r.so.16: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory)

Tin sa mentionez ca in plugins am pus toate pluginurile necesare .so , iar in server.cfg am pus denumirile cu .so dupa nume.

Ex : plugins mysql.so sscanf.so streamer.so



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Nu am la XtremeHost, la hlink am. 


EDIT: Am rezolvat problema cu mysql, dar serverul tot unknown gamemode are. Asta apare in server_log:

SA-MP Dedicated Server
v0.3z, (C)2005-2014 SA-MP Team

[20:19:42] Server Plugins
[20:19:42] --------------
[20:19:42]  Loading plugin: sscanf.so

[20:19:42]  ===============================

[20:19:42]       sscanf plugin loaded.     

[20:19:42]    (c) 2009 Alex "Y_Less" Cole

[20:19:42]  ===============================

[20:19:42]   Loaded.
[20:19:42]  Loading plugin: mysql.so
[20:19:42]  >> plugin.mysql: R38 successfully loaded.
[20:19:42]   Loaded.
[20:19:42]  Loaded 2 plugins.

[20:19:42] Filterscripts
[20:19:42] ---------------
[20:19:42]   Loading filterscript 'base.amx'...
--Base FS loaded.

[20:19:42]   Loading filterscript 'gl_actions.amx'...
[20:19:42]   Loading filterscript 'gl_property.amx'...
[20:19:42] Grand Larceny Property Filterscript		
[20:19:42] -----------------------------------

[20:19:42]   Loading filterscript 'gl_realtime.amx'...
[20:19:42]   Loaded 4 filterscripts.

[20:19:42] Reading File: blank
[20:19:42] Reading File: properties/houses.txt
[20:19:42] Reading File: properties/businesses.txt
[20:19:42] Reading File: properties/banks.txt
[20:19:42] Reading File: properties/police.txt
[20:19:42] Script[gamemodes/rpg.amx]: Run time error 19: "File or function is not found"
[20:19:42] Number of vehicle models: 0

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Am vorbit cu cei de la host , mi-au bagat si libmysqlclient, dar am incercat gamemode-ul de la Wopss, iar in server_log apare ca toate s-au uploadat , dar apare eroarea asta [MYSQL]: Connection to database (<nume baza date>) failed! si nu porneste serverul. Mentionez ca datele de conectare la baza de date sunt puse bine, deoarece am incercat si cu alt gamemod si a mers. Totusi la Database_Host , se pune IP-ul hostului sau localhost ?


Fisierul sql l-am incarcat in baza de date fara probleme, acum singura problema e ca nu se conecteaza la ea.


Am incercat la SQL_HOST sa pun mai multe variante sa vad daca merge macar cu una din ele:

  1. 1. localhost
  2. 2. localhost.localdomain
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. ip-ul serverului de samp
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