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Cum pot pune la o comanda de admin cand o accesezi sa scrie Admin..nume.. a folosit comanda .CMD ?

Am incercat asa!

forward MessageToAdmins(color,const string[]);

public MessageToAdmins(color,const string[])


for(new i = 0; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++)


if(IsPlayerConnected(i) == 1) if (PlayerInfo[Level] >= 1) SendClientMessage(i, color, string);


return 1;


stock CMDMessageToAdmins(playerid,command[])


if(ServerInfo[AdminCmdMsg] == 0) return 1;

new string[256]; GetPlayerName(playerid,string,sizeof(string));

format(string,sizeof(string),"ADMIN '{FF9900}%s{375FFF}' (Level: %d) | Command: {FF9900}%s", string,PlayerInfo[playerid][Level],command);

return MessageToAdmins(blue,string);


la comanda am pus CMDMessageToAdmins(playerid,"comanda");

ServerInfo nu avea.. am pus new ServerInfo[serverData];

si la ServerData am pus asa

enum ServerData





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[pawn]stock OnPlayerCommandPerformed(playerid, cmdtext[])[/pawn]


[pawn]new astring[128];

format(astring, sizeof(astring), "ADMIN {FF9900}%s{375FFF} (Level: %d) | Command: {FF9900}%s", string,PlayerInfo[playerid][Level],cmdtext);

MessageToAdmins(blue, astring);[/pawn]

Rate me :)

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if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Level] <=4) return SendClientMessage(playerid, red, "ERROR: You are not an administrator!");

new id, newname[64], name[64], string[128], string2[128];

if(sscanf(params, "us", id, newname)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, orange, "{FFFFFF}::{FF0000}Foloseste: {FFFFFF} /setname [playerid/name] [new name]");


GetPlayerName(id, name, sizeof(name));

format(string, sizeof(string), "Ai schimbat numele lui %s (ID: %d) in %s.", name, id, newname);

SendClientMessage(playerid, blue, string);

GetPlayerName(playerid, name, sizeof(name));

format(string, sizeof(string2), "%s (ID: %s) ti-a schimbat numele in %s.", name, playerid, newname);

SendClientMessage(id, blue, string2);

SetPlayerName(id, newname);

SendClientMessageToAll(COLOR_BLUE, string);

return 1;


Si am mai obs cv... daca ma duc la /aa scrie '' ADMIN 'Nume' (Level: %d) | Command: /aa ... si eu nu  vreau sa imi arate decat la comezi de admini!

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