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eori/warn streamer



am upgradat streamerul la v2.6.1

\pawno\include\streamer.inc(155) : error 017: undefined symbol "OBJECT_MATERIAL_SIZE_256x128"
\pawno\include\streamer.inc(375) : warning 235: public function lacks forward declaration (symbol "OnPlayerEditObject")
\pawno\include\streamer.inc(397) : warning 235: public function lacks forward declaration (symbol "OnPlayerSelectObject")
\pawno\include\streamer.inc(399) : error 017: undefined symbol "SELECT_OBJECT_PLAYER_OBJECT"
linia 155
native SetDynamicObjectMaterialText(objectid, materialindex, const text[], materialsize = OBJECT_MATERIAL_SIZE_256x128, const fontface[] = "Arial", fontsize = 24, bold = 1, fontcolor = 0xFFFFFFFF, backcolor = 0, textalignment = 0);
linia 375
public OnPlayerEditObject(playerid, playerobject, objectid, response, Float:fX, Float:fY, Float:fZ, Float:fRotX, Float:fRotY, Float:fRotZ)
linia 397
public OnPlayerSelectObject(playerid, type, objectid, modelid, Float:fX, Float:fY, Float:fZ)
linia 399

toate aceste lini sunt din include

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incearca sa re-inoiesti toate include-urile din Pawno cu acestea


public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
	print("[ERROR] - Unable to establish a connection with the world...");
	return 1;


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