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  1. Am observat acum in database, ca nu este la structure premiumpoints si nici la OnPlayerLoginIn, dar acu la OnPlayerLoginIn l-am facut, iar acum la database ce fac ca eu sincer cu database is paralel .
  2. [15:39:39] Error ID: 1054, {FF0000}ERROR >> {FFFFFF}Unknown column 'PremiumPoints' in 'field list' [15:39:39] Callback: [15:39:39] gQuery: UPDATE `users` SET `PremiumPoints`='47' WHERE `id`='18' asta este erroarea in server_log
  3. Cand dau orice comanda sau orice legat de givepp, cand primesti ppurile iti apar in /stats iar dupa cand dau reconnect nu mai sunt si la vouchers la fel :((. Oare de la ce este ?
  4. SELECT * FROM `server_fvs` ORDER BY `server_fvs`.`fvsID` ASC ce probleme am: 1. Nu se vede Pickup ul si nici asta cu /svf. dovada: Iter_Add(fvsVehicleSpawn, x); format(string, sizeof(string), "{ffff4d}ID: {FFFFFF}%d\n{ffff4d}Spawn Vehicle: {FFFFFF}[/svf]", x, DynamicFactions[fvsVariables[x][fvsFaction]]); fvsVariables[x][fvsLabel] = CreateDynamic3DTextLabel(string, -1, fvsVariables[x][fvsPos][0], fvsVariables[x][fvsPos][1], fvsVariables[x][fvsPos][2], 25, INVALID_PLAYER_ID, INVALID_VEHICLE_ID, 1, 0, -1, -1, 100.0); fvsVariables[x][fvsPicku
  5. cauta la includes venomariusmapping acolo e booterul numai ca am schimbat eu numele.
  6. Cand dau work imi zice ba ca nu sunt in zona de work, ba cajobul meu a fost anulat deoarece am parasit vehiculul. :((
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