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  1. CMD:skin(playerid,params[]) { new skin, string[128], query[128]; if(sscanf(params, "d", skin)) SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "FOLOSIRE: /skin [id]"); else if(skin < 0 || skin > 311) SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFF000000, "EROARE: Alege un skin intre 0 si 304!"); else { SetPlayerSkin(playerid, skin); skin = GetPlayerSkin(playerid); format(string, sizeof(string), "SERVER: Noul tau skin este acum: %d", skin); mysql_format(conexiunea_ta, query, sizeof(query), "UPDATE players SET skin = '%d' WHERE id = %i", skin, PlayerInfo[playerid][pSQLID]); mysql_pquery(conexiunea_ta, query); SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, string); } return 1; } unde am folosit "conexiunea_ta", "players", "skin" si "id" in mysql_format, tu inlocuieste-le cu numele pe care le ai definite, respectiv table urile din db. La fel si PlayerInfo.
  2. Pai si atunci de ce nu a mentionat ca il vrea setat in baza de date? Poate foloseste ini si nu mysql. Daca ar fi mentionat ca vrea sa se salveze in baza de date, l-as fi salvat.
  3. CMD:shop(playerid, params[]) { new string[256], szDialog[256], title[256]; strcat(szDialog, "{FFE100}($) Preturi si informatii{FFFFFF}\n"); if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pDiamonds]) { format(string, sizeof(string), "Premium Account - {1ECC14}500 Diamondss\n"); } else { format(string, sizeof(string), "Premium account - {FF0000}500 Diamonds\n"); } format(title, sizeof(title), "Shop: (%d diamonds)", PlayerInfo[playerid][pDiamons]); ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_SHOP, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST, title, szDialog, "Select", "Close"); return 1; }
  4. Nu ti-as recomanda sa folosesti drept return o functie. Insereaza tot ce se afla in functie in comanda. Apoi, foloseste OnDialogResponse pentru dialogul DIALOG_SHOP.
  5. Server:SendLocalMessageEx(playerid, color, msg[]) { new Float:x, Float:y, Float:z; GetPlayerPos(playerid, x, y, z); foreach(Player, i) { if(LoggedIn[i]) { if(IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid, 15.0, x, y, z) && GetPlayerInterior(i) == GetPlayerInterior(playerid) && GetPlayerVirtualWorld(i) == GetPlayerVirtualWorld(playerid)) { SendClientMessage(i, color, msg); } } } return 1; } Am setat o raza de 15. Poti sa o setezi dupa preferintele tale.
  6. #include <a_samp> La inceputul script-ului Foloseste asta in cazul in care folosesti zcmd CMD:skin250(playerid, params[]) { SetPlayerSkin(playerid, 250); SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "Noul tau skin este : 250"); return 1; }
  7. De la R38 pana la R41-4 s-au facut multe schimbari. Mai ales in R40. Citeste schimbarile facute chiar aici.
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