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  1. Pune aceste variabila new SQL = -1, gQuery[256], gString[256];
  2. Descarca libraria YSI https://www97.zippyshare.com/v/h2cjZCBw/file.html sterge celelalte si pune ce este in arhiva
  3. _Valy_


  4. _Valy_

    Eroare 029

    te ajut cand termin orele da-mi add pe discord Valy#4110
  5. _Valy_

    Eroare 029

    AddStaticPickup(1239, 23, SBizzInfo[h][SbEntranceX], SBizzInfo[h][SbEntranceY], SBizzInfo[h][SbEntranceZ]);
  6. _Valy_

    Eroare 029

    si ce este mai sus de if(SBizzInfo[h][sbOwned] == 1)
  7. _Valy_

    Eroare 029

    arata unde este problema in gamemode trimite comanda sau functia
  8. _Valy_

    Eroare 029

    AddStaticPickup(model, type, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z, virtualworld); functia originala AddStaticPickup(1239, 2, SBizzInfo[h][SbEntranceX], SBizzInfo[h][SbEntranceY], SBizzInfo[h][SbEntranceZ], 0); ai uitat sa pui dupa SBizzInfo[h][SbEntranceZ] o virgula si virtual world
  9. _Valy_

    Comanda in gm 2k19

    new Year, Month, Day; getdate(Year, Month, Day); if (PlayerInfo[playerid][pDailyLogin] != Day) { new szString[256], pRP = 1, money = PlayerInfo([playerid] [pLevel] * 10000 + random(40000)); format(szString, sizeof(szString), "UPDATE `users` SET `DailyLogin`='%d' WHERE `ID`='%d'", day, PlayerInfo[playerid][pSQLID]); mysql_tquery(SQL, szString, "", ""); SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFF8A00, "Felicitari"); format(szString, sizeof(szString),"acest bonus consta in %d rp(uri) si $%s.", rp, FormatNumber(money)); SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFF8A00, szString); GivePlayerMoney(playerid, money); PlayerInfo(playerid)[pExp] += rp; Update(playerid,pRP); return 1; } 1. acolo unde este variabilea new sztring[128] aveai ; si trebuia , 2.la money = ....... trebuia o paranteza 3. la SendClientMessage ai omis ; 4.La format ai uitat de o paranteza 5.ai uitat sa pui sub update(playerid,rp); return 1; daca mai intampini probleme adaugama pe discord Valy#4110
  10. @Hudson http://www.solidfiles.com/v/438jWyAVPxK3a Este gamemode-ul original.
  11. In primul rand vorbeste frumos,in al doilea rand gamemode-ul merge perfect ca am avut si eu acest gamemode in pc.Daca nu sti sa il pornesti nu e vina lui. Iti las un video de la creatorul aestui gamemode sa vezi cum se porneste.
  12. @ionutdrg45Vreau sa vorbim ceva, ai discord?
  13. Nu mai face nimic la el din cate stiu
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