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Re all :D.

Ma puteti ajuta si pe mine cu ceva?

Cum pun o propietate noua pe server? Mia zis cineva ca trebuie sa intru in scriptfiles - PropertySystem - PropertyInfo unde imi apar astea de mai jos

Four Dragons Casino,2024.56,1007.65,10.81,172323,2000,Nobody,0,0 
Firma NIKE,-1942.93,486.07,31.95,400000,30200,Nobody,0,0 
Studiolul ABC,-2053.77,457.20,35.15,400000,30200,Nobody,0,0 
Come A Lot,2182.12,1115.15,12.35,76855,800,Nobody,0,0 
Camels Toe,2208.27,1286.29,10.81,163895,900,Nobody,0,0 
The High Roller,1956.68,1342.80,15.35,128696,650,Nobody,0,0 
Royal Casino,2088.62,1449.17,10.52,119914,670,Nobody,0,0 
Caligula's Casino,2184.11,1676.77,10.81,411842,2500,Nobody,0,0 
Clowns Pocket,2220.12,1837.81,10.52,101653,550,Nobody,0,0 
The Visage,2027.27,1914.67,11.93,114736,1500,Nobody,0,0 
Las Venturas Casino,2165.10,2162.12,10.43,59321,650,Nobody,0,0 
Well Stacked Pizza,370.98,-122.94,1001.46,30459,350,Nobody,0,0 

Eu am incercat sa fac ceva de genu:

Divino Club Galati,217,2482.0706,-1690.5765,13.5132,168.9173,Nobody,0,0

Dupa ce am facut asta am intrat pe server dar nu mia aparut :(( :((. Oare  trebuia sa mai sterg ceva la coordonatele alea?

Uitati coordonatele 217,2482.0706,-1690.5765,13.5132,168.9173,0,0,0,0,0,0.

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Dece va bagati unde nu va fierbe oala?

Alea trebuesc bagate intr-un property.cfg

Eu il am cam asa:

1269.630859,    2554.596923,    10.826539,  1.200000,    -3.400000,    999.400024 ,    0 ,  0,    0,  0,    0,    0,    The State ,    Trailer ,  25000,  0,  0,  2,  1,  0,  0,  500,  90,  182,  418,  -1,    -1,  157,    3,  0

E complet diferit de al tau  ;) e alt sistem.

Acum la intrebare ta:

Alea trebuesc bagate intr-un property.cfg

Banuesc ca vine asa:

Ex la asta: Four Dragons Casino,2024.56,1007.65,10.81,172323,2000,Nobody,0,0

Nume Biz: Four Dragons Casino, Coordonate: X = 2024.56,1007.65, Y = 10.81, Z = 172323, PRETUL sau PLATA LA INTRARE (intra/enter) = 2000, Proprietar: Nobody, Nu stiu ( s.ar putea: inchis / deschis, extorsion ON /  OFF) =  0,0

Sper sa iti fie de ajutor ;)

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