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redefinition of constant/macro



Salut am un warn la compile

[pawn]C:\Users\Gabi\Desktop\zdas\serverul 7 indungi\OnSpeed_MOD\OnSpeed MOD\pawno\include\JunkBuster.inc(3239) : warning 201: redefinition of constant/macro (symbol "OnPlayerEnterRaceCheckpoint")

Pawn compiler 3.2.3664 Copyright © 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

Header size:          12552 bytes

Code size:          2266040 bytes

Data size:        10610652 bytes

Stack/heap size:      16384 bytes; estimated max. usage=4125 cells (16500 bytes)

Total requirements:12905628 bytes

1 Warning.


[pawn]#define OnPlayerEnterRaceCheckpoint JB_OnPlayerEnterRaceCheckpoint[/pawn]

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Nu sunt sigur, dar cred ca nu ai include-ul JunkBuster. Cred ca din cauza asta iti da warning-ul ala.

Daca nu avea includele ii dadea error, nu warning...

eXtreMe link=topic=17034.msg101452#msg101452 date=1322586440]

Constanta OnPlayerEnterRaceCheckpoint este de 2 ori definita sterge pe una si lasa doar o OnPlayerEnterRaceCheckpoint

Nu are cum sa stearga pentru ca eroarea ii in JunkBuster.INC ...

Iti dau eu un sfat: Baga ultima versiune de JunkBuster( 11 )... il gasesti pe www.sa-mp.com

Fara reclama in semnatura!

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