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crash cand mor

Guest lolzor


De fiecare data cand un player moare primeste crash si cateodata ia crash tot serveru daca moare un player

Daca ma puteti ajuta va rog frumos postati aici:| sau dati add la id de skype kabuchi_samp

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    • By Dennis12.
      Hai noroc ma baieti, am creeat un job pentru un client dupa propriile idei, el mi-a dat o idee asa, basic sa zic si a iesit ceea ce puteti vedea in clip, eu zic ca a iesit relativ bine  
      Acum las si la aprecierea voastra .. as aprecia daca ati lasa un LIKE pe youtube si poate si un COMENTARIU.
    • By GabyRo.off
      cum rezolv bugul la fish?

      ca cand ma duc la zona de fish zice ca nu sunt acolo
    • By GamerulFOX
      Deci, cand intru in primul checkpoint nu imi apare urmatorul ! Imi apare primul dar cand intru in el dispare si nu apare urmatorul !

    • By GamerulFOX
      CMD:joinevent(playerid, params[])
          if(Event[playerid] = 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xff0000FF, "Nu este un event activ!");
          if(Event[playerid] = 1){
              SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xff0000FF, "Ai fost teleportat la event!");
              SetPlayerPos(playerid, 2562.6992, -1283.9130, 1035.0000);
              pEvent[playerid] = 1;
              return 1;
          return 1;
    • By TheGodfather
      Salut, primesc aceste linii de text in logurile serverului, aveti idee cum pot sa rezolv?
      [16:54:16] [debug] Server crashed due to an unknown error
      [16:54:17] [debug] Native backtrace:
      [16:54:17] [debug] #0 f7385e8b in _ZN10StackTraceC1EPv () from plugins/crashdetect.so
      [16:54:17] [debug] #1 f737ebcf in _ZN11CrashDetect20PrintNativeBacktraceERSoPv () from plugins/crashdetect.so
      [16:54:18] [debug] #2 f737fdbc in _ZN11CrashDetect20PrintNativeBacktraceEPv () from plugins/crashdetect.so
      [16:54:18] [debug] #3 f7380226 in _ZN11CrashDetect11OnExceptionEPv () from plugins/crashdetect.so
      [16:54:18] [debug] #4 f7385adc in ?? () from plugins/crashdetect.so
      [16:54:18] [debug] #5 f76e7410 in ?? ()
      [16:54:18] [debug] #6 f7321844 in _ZN11CMySQLQuery11StoreResultEP8st_mysqlP12st_mysql_res () from plugins/mysql.so
      [16:54:18] [debug] #7 f7321c73 in _ZN11CMySQLQuery7ExecuteEP8st_mysql () from plugins/mysql.so
      [16:54:18] [debug] #8 f7319e68 in _ZN16CMySQLConnection14ProcessQueriesEv () from plugins/mysql.so
      [16:54:18] [debug] #9 f731b6ab in _ZN5boost6detail11thread_dataINS_3_bi6bind_tIvNS_4_mfi3mf0Iv16CMySQLConnectionEENS2_5list1INS2_5valueIPS6_EEEEEEE3runEv () from plugins/mysql.so
      [16:54:18] [debug] #10 f733aec6 in ?? () from plugins/mysql.so
      [16:54:18] [debug] #11 f76c5bbc in ?? () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
      [16:54:18] [debug] #12 f74a81fe in clone () from /lib/libc.so.6
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